Defending Liberal Progressivism

Liberal Progressivism can be defined as a political ideology that unites the left-leaning concept of government intervention with individual liberty. If that sounds ironic, it is. In other words, People are free to do what they want as long as their government can control their behavior and manage their life according to Liberal Progressive ideaology.

Phychic Fair

Having a private conversation? Big Government knows. It should be well accepted by now that politicians know how to live your life better than you. Individuals are incompetent fools with no sense of self-comprehension and that is why public officials should be in charge of people’s personal experiences, medical care,  news, self-esteem, and finances. 

We cannot have people spending their own hard earned money on personal things that might make them individually happy. Selfishness does not belong in a Liberal Progressive run society unless you are a Politician,  or Hollywood personality.

Some will go out of their way to call us a ‘Helicopter Government’, hovering over the American people like a drone on a mission, but that is simply because we have no faith in mankind and prefer to smother the average American with our compassion and intellectual sanctimonious dictates.

Why do you think we created PRISM, empowered the NSA and the EPA, created the pseudo-scientific religion of Global Cooling Warming Climate Change Disruption, and instructed the FCC to control and dictate news and information?

When we leave an individual to pursue their own belief system free of political intervention, we take the chance they may fail or simply have thoughts outside Progressive or Social Justice Doctrine. Of all the political factions, Liberal Progressives are:

The Compassionate Ones

Well, to tell you the truth, we completely dispise mankind and have very little tolerance for those who deviate from our controlling and collective beliefs. You disagree with me, I will send the IRS, NSA, FCC, and the DOJ after you and no one will care.


We believe the average peasant has no understanding of what it takes to live their life according to our ideology. Thank goodness we took over American Education and have been successful at convincing people they should hold others accountable for their poverty and wrong choices. If they feel hate and loathing for a person that has different beliefs than their own, we only ask they blame those emotion on Republicans, Christians, Converatives, Libertrians, and guns. If you lash out in violence against another, blame it on societies injustices. This in no way improves the individual or our society, but it empowers Looters and Politicians and that is all we care about.

And, if any way they question progressive philosophy and our belief in Individual Government Intervention or IGI, we shall call them racist and make up a terrible lie about them that no one will bother to sort out. We’ve got Hollywood on our side, Baby!

If you are a Black Conservative you will be demolished. If you are a Hispanic Conservative, you will be destroyed. Compassion has no room for those who wonder off the Progressive path.  Our drones will find you and convert you into politically controlled Zombies or suffer the consequence. If you have an independent thought in your head, it will be eradicated.

Democrats, let us bring back torture. Those Warmist Deniers need to be Inquisitioned into following our Global Warming Climate Change religion and if they do not – attach electrobes and shock them till they repent and admit their guilt of Global Warming Sin.

Justice is not God’s Law or Nature’s Law – It is Man’s Law and only through our elected politicians will Equality, Fairness and Integrity Prevail. Unless you are a Christian, Conservative, Classic Liberal, Existentialist, Individualist, Constitutionalist, Love unborn babies, Sun Eater, Gun Owner, Law Abiding Citizen, Capitalist, Libertarian, … I know I am forgetting people …

Democrats are NOT Racists. Well, technically we are, but we have perfected the art of Transference by projecting our deep seeded hate and prejudice onto others making the targeted appear to be the intolerant ones. How brilliant is that? We hate any person of color which is why we place a majority of our unsanitary and unregulated abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. FB – Freak’n Brilliant! And, you keep voting for us, which is really ironic and funny at the same time.

Democrats DO NOT hold ALL life as sacred and that is why we are completely fine with aborting black babies. Even those unfortunate to be born alive in an Unregulated Abortion Clinic deserve a pair of scissors to the back of the head. Snip. Snip. I’m ok with partial birth abortions. I am outraged when a tree is cut down, but mutilate a little human life form and I am completely fine with it. 

Great job convincing women abortion is better than abandonment. I congratulate our Progressive & Democrat Activists for dumbing down our young women and brainwashing them into believing CHOICE begins at the expense of another’s life.

Abortion is what happens when nobody loves you enough to see you take your first breath. And, of course we all know breathing causes Global Cooling, I mean Global Warming, err .. Global Climate Change Disruption or whatever the hell they are calling it these days .. and the less breathing unloved babies in the world, the better. Who cares? What difference does it make? And, I have heard that when you burn aborted babies, it can heat entire cities with very little in air pollution.

We should do more to encourage our young woman to have sex with assholes who only want to get their dick wet and then wait until the babies is developed enough to generate heat and electricty for a city of tree huggers.

I am pretty sure it is a scientific fact unloved baby’s breath causes more hurricanes anyway. We are saving lives people by killing unloved babies. They are just a clump of unloved cells anyway.

Now, speaking of my religion Global Cooling Warming Climate Change Disruption, it has been said that it if people cannot be held accountable for their life choices, how the hell do we hold them accountable for their garbage? And, I have an answer. Blame the Libertarians and then call them racist. 


Our plan to dumb down the citizens of America has worked very well so far. Why do you think we created Common Core? Hell, we were even able to convince those who have a personal relationship with God to vote for the Democrats who would see God replaced with our own inclusive deity, Government. Pure Genius! They don’t even notice our attempt at making their belief in a higher power and inner Faith appear ridiculous and useless.

Since we do not see people as unique individuals, but a collective group that must be categorized and controlled for labeling purposes, we see no use in taking the time to understand people on a singular level. That would mean we would have to stop and examine a person’s character rather than their skin color, gender or sexual orientation and who has the time or interest for that?

We care nothing for a person’s spirit or creative energy. When we empower the individual, Rich Politicans suffers. I shutter at the thought of the power of politicians shrinking and the Individual Rising – dancing to the beat of their own drum without the assistance of an organized central planning committe to tell the individual how to think, how to feel, what to eat, how much to drink, how much to earn.


They are marvelous cooperative little creatures whose practice of Marxist Socialism should be mimicked. Ants have no individual identity and live for the good of the collective community. They also have no reproductive freedom. As Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village to raise a child” … we were not fortunate enough to abort.

There is no better use of the Affordable Care Act than mutating human beings into Ant like creatures reprogramming their tiny human brains into the Progressive Programming Network – or PPN. When people lose the desire for individual pursuits individual accomplishment is diminshed. That is the goal of every Progressive society. 

Now, ant expert Edward O. Wilson was cruel in his criticism of class warfare and social justice redistribution philosophies when he corrected our hero and god Karl Marx when he said, “Marx was right, Socialism works. It was just that he had the wrong species.” Wrong species? Certainly not.

Humans can become ants if we sterilize the American population and then reprogram their tiny brains in hitching their wagons to something bigger than themselves and that would be making Politicians richer and more powerful.

Where individuals has been conditioned to successfully use society they can now be Clock Work Orange’d into understanding how society can best use them through an ever expanding and more powerful executive government.

Hum-Ants. WHY NOT?! And with the IRS on our side with the enforcement of America’s Health Care Laws we will know which individuals need to be lobotomized into PPN simply by accessing their voting records.


But, I digress.

There is no one we despise more than the Rugged Individual who stands at the edge of a precipice and takes that first step toward Self-Actualization and away from the Common. The Fool and his journey always begins with a Leap of Faith. Our greatest enemy Ayn Rand stated,

The smallest minority on earth is the Individual“.

The Individual. The Individual. The Individual. I just threw up in my mouth.

Is she right? Rand and all those who believe in the extraordinarily unique Being must be made to look ridiculous. We cannot have people begin to believe in themselves and take up the gauntlet of self-government, self-justice, personal accountability, self-awareness, inner faith, and self-respect. There goes our voter base.

If our citizens became awakened to the knowledge that all power comes from within and they are entirely responsible for their greatness and their faults, what happens to a political party that relies heavily on the philosophy that depends on individual poverty and stupidity?

Don’t answer that!

It is too depressing to even contemplate a person actually becoming self-aware and self-governing who believes that their destiny lies in their own hands and not the hands of community organizers with law degrees. We must chop down the Tree of Knowledge and kill all the serpents for people must be left naked and unaware of themselves and wholly dependent on their paid politicans for their food, communication, shelter, heath care, retirement, cell phones, and self-esteem. Look how well our type of community organizing has worked for Detroit?

Our success depends upon collective salvation of the whole and not through an individual who discovers that he is the creator of his own life free to live according to his own personal nature and not the nature and beliefs of others.

With Individualism Comes Great Responsibility

The success of responsibility is true prosperity, abundance and joy. With personal accomplishment, gratitude, faith and happiness, the average voter would probably cast their ballot for someone other than a Progressive Democrat – a Politician. Hell, they may even become so emboldened to create their own political party. One that empowers and trusts the Individual. One that adores and honors the Individual and does not see them as Societies Creation – But, a Creation of their own making. Oh, hell no! That aint happening.

Liberal Progressive philosophy is not only suffocating and dishonest; we gain our power through individual hardship and folly. The poor, miserable, and ignorant the better, I say. Then we blame it on our enemies because people stupid enough to believe a Community Organizer can replace God and Self-governance will believe rich people are to blame for their own ill-advised choices.

It’s a fun way to dumb down America while promoting the belief people are not responsible for their poverty and unhappiness, but ARE the cause of Hurricanes, Heat Waves, Earthquakes and rising sea levels. Global Warming in the Summer. Global Cooling in the Winter and Climate Change between seasons.

They just discovered that Mead Farts caused England to lose a huge chunk of land mass due to rising sea levels during the Medieval period. But, thanks to me they have since receded. You’re welcome.

You know the bright yellow thing in the middle of our solar system called the Sun? Yeah, that has nothing to do with weather patterns. Today, Taco farts and deep abdominal breathing is causing nature to express itself violently. Always has and always will. Such disasters did not exist until after the Industrial Revolution and the advancement of Capitalism which has made poor men rich and rich men poor through Nature’s Law – the survival of the fittest. We prefer to give special favors

Climate Change Priests have discovered the Mount Vesuvius volcano that buried the ancient city of Pompeii in 79 AD and the Black Plague that killed millions during the Middle Ages was actually the fault of the Tea Party. Arrests are pending.

If more people stopped eating and breathing, the Earth would stabilize and we would never have another tornado or heat wave again and ocean temperatures would cool and rising levels will recede and nothing would ever happen – ever. Technically, this isn’t true, but no one cares about the truth these days and that is why we are so freaken popular. TRUTH – What difference does it make?

Our greatest accomplishment so far has been in removing God and replacing spirituality with Government. If we can make the invisible appear ridiculous – people will be forced to focus their attention on outside forces rather than inside forces and we can take all their power away and redistribute it how we see fit. Even the most spiritual Americans leave their Faith at the door of God’s replacement reconciling with the lies that they are entitled to other people’s hard work and money.

It is said that Calmness is the way we show we are trusting in God, but there is nothing peaceful about envy, bitterness, hate and greed. On purpose by the way. People who are happy and grateful do not need politicians to control their behavior, personal income, or self-esttem.

Liberal Progressive ideology depends on the message that God excludes and Government includes. This was an ingenious way to separate Americans from the greatest love they will ever know and that is the Gift of God’s love.

For Soren Kierkegaard choice itself is the bane of the human experience.

“The most tremendous thing which has been granted to man is: the choice, freedom.”

And, the good news is most people don’t want to be held accountable for their life situation and exchange freedom for irresponsibility. They don’t want to look around and see their envirnoment as something they themselves created. So, we take away choices & minimize the human experience of trial & error and blame everything on the GOP.

We must do more to turn people away from God, Jesus Christ, the Internal Life Force, Vibrational Energy, Self, Gaia, Existentialism, The Great Spirit, Tao, Chi, Ra, OR whatever makes them vibrate Love, Peace, Gratitude, Harmony, and Happiness within.

Since it is impossible to think two opposing thoughts at the same time, we as Liberal Progressives must keep the air toxic with bitterness and lies. Where there is envy and hate there is no gratitude or joy. If they begin to practice habits of peace and show love toward our enemies (the pious, the joyous, the abundant, and the good) the peasants will match their vibrations to them. This must be avoided at all costs. Keep the menials wallowing in their own ignorance, poverty, bitterness, anger and hatred.

Worry is soul suicide and the less an individual is in control of their own Consciousness, the bigger and more dominant Politicians can become. Oh, yes! I just had a political orgasm. Mankind is way too ignorant to know what is good for them anyway.

People’s lack of faith in God OR in themselves is our success. We rally the downtrodden and show compassion by blaming other people for their situation. This does nothing to improve poverty or a person’s lot in life, in fact it prolongs it, but it sure helps put Liberal Progressives into power which is the ultimate means to the end. End of a Constitutional America that is.

But, there is a great danger coming to the Liberal Progressive Democrat movement. I fear of an Awakening – a spiritual Ascension that will cause individuals to recognize their own power and counsel. It must be stopped.

Our early success at shutting down free speech by calling everyone racists when an argument has been lost can only sustain itself so long. People of America are starting to ignite. They are beginning to question our sincerity and authority. Do not allow these idiots to question Government. We need people monitoring and dictating our message. Take over the air waves, print, media and control what the people hear, read, and see.

What if the majority of our citizens learn they are their own creators? What happens to the narrative of blaming our enemies for an individual’s lack of abundance and joy when they realize they had the knowledge and ability to succeed on their own all along?

And, what about the politics of happiness. Those who have worked at being happy did not achieve Bliss by themselves alone. Someone else made that happen and it is only through the redistribution of happiness that those poor in joy will know more happiness.

Happy people are way too selfish with their contentment in life. This is wrong and unjust for the miserable. I am going to call it Joyful Justice – kind of like Social Justice except we steal other people’s joy because we lack the ambition to seek it within ourselves.

We must organize against unequal Bliss and spread the message that people who experience an excessive amount of happiness must share their good fortune by giving to others who are not ‘equal in joy’ – seems only fair. Instead of raising the unhappy up with the happy, we will bring the happy down to the unhappy and we will all be miserable together. Share The Bliss.

As for inequality, Aristotle said:

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

He was an idiot.

I am fuly aware you cannot  make unhappy people happier by making happy people unhappy. What an unhealthy and ridiculous notion. The majority of people in TRUTH are equal in their potential for being happy, but are unequal in the ambition to find true happiness. However, Progressive Liberalism is not at all sensical, organic, natural, logical, or fair.

Powerful enemies lay in our path to America’s final transformation of mediocrity and commonness. Even thinkers of the past like James Allen, who wrote in As a Man Thinketh, stands in our way to individual soul suicide and the redistribution of happiness. We cannot have one person happier than another. That would be unjust and unfair. Allen wrote,

“As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he makes himself what he wills. Man is the maker of his character, the molder of his life, the builder of his destiny.”

Unfortuneately, such words sound too much like Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jesus. But, what if people of this country became conscious and felt the desire to believe in themselves again? Through Understanding the Wisdom of true Power, individuals may very well come to realize that one’s inner life will always be found to be in harmony with their outer life.

Would all our hard work at keeping the people poor and stupid be for naught?

Is our political philosophy regarding governments organization of personal liberty doomed to fail at the hands of Individual Resurgence and Enlightenment? Are we headed toward political disaster since we depend on the stupid and poor for our power and success? Can our disingenuous claims of compassion for our senseless peasants thrive in an environment awakened to personal truth?

I am not worried, however. No one cares about the truth these days. Look at what happened with Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, the FCC and tell me people are interested in right and wrong – TRUTH and JUSTICE.

I know my ideology will thrive and continue to ruin America for years to come because we have a populace easily convinced they should blame current circumstances on other people (society) and only society can save them from themselves. We have taken away their power of choice – Free Will – and replaced it with Determinism.

When you tell an individual their circumstances are the result of situations beyond their control and allow them to blame others for the cause of their poverty, we have a voting block so ignorant they would vote gleefully for their own demise. Chairman Mao said best,

Apart from their other characteristics, the outstanding thing about China’s 600 million people is that they are “poor and blank”. This may seem to be a bad thing, but in reality it is a good thing.

In reality, our poor and blank is a good thing for Liberal Progressive in order to sustain power. Why do you think we pushing Common Core unto our children?

Do not take the youth for granted. They are constantly straining for authenticity and expression through that mythical journey called Self. Personal power cannot be authenticated by another. Personal Truth cannot be experienced by someone else.

If we allow them the free will to discover that true Liberal Progressivism is in itself a practice of collective desperation and the giving up of personal identity for unoriginal banality we may very well lose them to the goddamn Libertarians.

Self-awareness takes humility and consciousness. Self-governance takes will and determination. Building character takes hard work and right thought in constant regard of personal attention. Who the hell needs to work that hard at Self-improvement when we have a political party willing to do all that for them in exchange for living the life of a Marionette held erect by Society Managers.


The Liberal Progressive momentum rests on those unconscious individuals who look out at the road ahead of them occupying no desire to define themselves as unique or extraordinary, but rather cogs in a machine to be used by society. A category rather than a spiritual being on a human journey.  I am optimistic in the knowledge that no one wants to work that hard at becoming good, prosperous, and decent when we can so easily reward the lazy, indolent, and ignorant.

I have every hope that my philosophy will deliver America to her final resting place among the nations who tried Individual Freedom and Liberty and Lost. Governments who believed they knew what was best for their people and dictated it.

When we can pay a citizenry to be lazy, lethargic and stupid, then we can depend on Liberal Progressivism to dominate the political landscape, forevermore.


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3 thoughts on “Defending Liberal Progressivism

  1. Reblogged this on My Life In Focus and commented:
    Liberal Progressives have finally won out in this country. I hope you are all proud of yourselves. God would help America BUT I feel that God has given up on us also. Good luck to everyone and goodbye to what America used to be and stand for.

    1. I really appreciate your reblogging my post on My Life In Focus. Thanks for the traffic and exposure. Let us hope that we can change the message so currently toxic in this country. Maybe America is ready for a new period of Enlightenment.

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