President Obama Panders to Millenials

The Political Party of selflessness and sacrifice depends on the selfishness of their voters. I am actually pretty hopeful that this generation will finally become awakened to what the Liberal/Progressive/Democrats have done to them – have done to every category they set to make dependent on them. The very reason America is in the mess we are in is because of Selfishness and the Democrats having taken more advantage of that than the Conservatives. James Allen writes in Entering the Kingdom,

“Having found that selfishness is the root cause of all competition and strife, the question naturally arises as to how this cause shall be dealt with… The first impulse is to endeavor to frame some outward law, or introduce some new social arrangements or regulations, which shall put a check on the selfishness of others. Each individual suffers by virtue of his own selfishness”.

Millenials are still trying to comprehend themselves with the added burden of having parents, teachers, the media, entertainment, and politicians telling them that they are who they are and where they are because someone else put them there. Yes, Society created you, is responsible for you, and determines your destiny.

But, REAL hope and change does not come from Society. The one promising thing about the millennial generation is that more and more are starting to reject the  “society creates the individual” mantra. It might sound more familiar to you because it is the Mantra President Obama has been repeating since he rose to the ranks of Messiah. “Share the Wealth – Hitch Your Wagons – You Didn’t Get Their On You Own.” As the pendulum of thought swings away from a chained and restricted mindset, let us rejoice in our young people that they may be able to wrap their intelligent and authentic minds around something more substantial and empowering.

Buddha said, kind of, “Watch your thoughts, it becomes your destiny.” How empowering is that? Meaning you are the creator of your life circumstances, your destiny – Not Society. “What you are the world is” ~Krishnamurti.

“Do you wish for kindness? Be kind.  Do you ask for truth? Be true. What you give of yourself you find; your world is a reflex of you.” ~James Allen. They have grown up watching young men take out their hatred, pain, and injury on society around them, believing society is the reason for how they feel, the repetitive theme of “you didn’t get their on your own, someone else made that happne’ echoing in their heads. Embracing the idea that individuals are the master of their own destiny is not a new concept, actually it is pretty old, but it is making a comeback.

More and more young people are figuring out that they have been lied to in order to gain their dependence on outside influences.  Domestic Abusers do that to their victims, too. Being master of your own destiny may feel a little awkward and scary at first, especially if you have been told that government is the master and you the puppet that shows up to vote in November, but it will become more natural the more you practice self-awareness, self-governance, and self-accountability. The Democrats may promise to take care of you, but at what price or you willing to be their whore?



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