Double Oh Yes: 7 reasons Tom Hiddleston should replace Daniel Craig as Bond

As a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston here are 7 reasons I believe he should replace Vladimir Putin er … I mean Daniel Craig as the next 007, that’s Bond, James Bond. The last time I watched a James Bond movie it was under forced circumstance. Our family only owned one television and my father… Continue reading Double Oh Yes: 7 reasons Tom Hiddleston should replace Daniel Craig as Bond

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Climate Refugees or Wealth Redistribution

Back a long time ago we humans blamed natural climate events like floods, land erosion, droughts, famines, etc., on the gods. Then we blamed our climate misfortunes on The God. Today, the communists invented their own religion called Climate Change and blame it on man. They say they are going to save us from Mother… Continue reading Climate Refugees or Wealth Redistribution

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The Offended States of America

In the latest show of American Offendedness, Old Navy has stepped in it. Whether intentional to garner advertisement or a kind of a genuine innocence to show that interracial relationships are a part of America’s wonderful culture of diversity and embraced by all, the clothing store began their marketing day with a picture of a  beautiful… Continue reading The Offended States of America

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Fear & Loathing At Indiana University

There is nothing funny about being in a constant state of anxiety and fear. When you are persistently looking for ways to feel this way and your mind participates – entertains you even – your whole being wrapped up in an endless stream of self-perpetuated torture, life becomes horrifying. What makes things substantially worse is… Continue reading Fear & Loathing At Indiana University

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Outraged by Everything. Ashamed of Nothing.

I once watched a Soccer Match where a fan held up a sign that read, Outraged by Everything. Ashamed of Nothing. That, to me, has summed up a week in review at Colleges and Universities across America and society in general these days. Just last week, a revolt formed at the University of Missouri resulting… Continue reading Outraged by Everything. Ashamed of Nothing.