Losing America One #hashtag At A Time

I have observed a disturbing pattern in America and among the American people. We are becoming a citizenry of abused and battered persons dependent upon a government that cares nothing for the individual only the power over the individual. I recently posted my thoughts of the #My2k hashtag inspired by President Obama. The irony? People demanding they keep more of their own money while demanding others give up theirs. For a group of individuals to claim their understanding of Fairness and Justice, this does not seem reasonable at all.

If you want to keep more of your money why not want the same for your fellow Americans whether they are rich or poor. Seems pretty selfish to only want something for yourself and the rest can all go hang. Selfishness is not only reserved for the rich.

People are afraid that their disability or welfare will be taken away. To me, this seems like a life lived in constant fear and no control. I feel bad for those who are in a situation that they feel trapped and dependent. But, it is purposely done by your government. While anger is directed at those who can provide opportunity for independence, we look at our abuser as a savior and rail at those who might free us.

When I was in my twenties, I worked several jobs at a time just to keep from being under someone’s thumb. I earned my own money and did not rely on a man or government for my income. I lived poorly making enough to pay the bills, rent a room, drive a car that broke down at least once a month, but I was mobile and I was independent and free.

I parked cars for spoiled college kids with BMW’s, cleaned toilets, washed dishes, waited tables for extra income, whatever I could do to stay independent. I was not afraid of working. I was more afraid of being stuck with someone who would remind me that I was obligated to them through their support of me and that at any time they could take it all away. Working gave me the freedom of movement and choice.

Today, I see my fellow Americans demanding successful people pay their fair share of income while they themselves demand to keep more of their own money. I see a severe lack of faith in themselves that if the money was taken away they would die of starvation and they would not be able to handle hardship. Have we been so coddled that we do not know how to manage diversity? Is this on purpose? Take away people’s faith and belief in themselves and give them a government to cling to and we have an abusive relationship. Abusers do things like that.

It does not help we have a government readily available to instigate envy, bitterness and hatred for those who have taken risks and as a result are more successful. We have leaders who says, “You didn’t get there on your own, someone else (I) made that happen.” Abusers say things like that. This proves to me the Speaker knows nothing about Cause and Effect and refuses to believe that Men and Women are their own creators in life.

I recently spoke with a person on disability so afraid of losing their benefits that they are demanding government soak the rich to insure their own dependence. I could not live my life in such fear and bitterness. I would hope that if my physical body broke down, I would still have a mind to figure out a way to earn a living free from government’s tendency to encourage soul suicide through benefit addiction. We are creative creatures after all with more ability than we and our government give us credit for. Leaving abusive and dependent relationships is never easy. But, if you want and choose to stay a pawn in the government’s game, please refrain from dragging the rest of the country down. with you.

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