Double Oh Yes: 7 reasons Tom Hiddleston should replace Daniel Craig as Bond

As a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston here are 7 reasons I believe he should replace Vladimir Putin er … I mean Daniel Craig as the next 007, that’s Bond, James Bond.

  1. The last time I watched a James Bond movie it was under forced circumstance. Our family only owned one television and my father was a tv hog. He loved James Bond Movies, Perry Mason and anything Bruce Lee. So, whatever he watched, I watched whether I liked it or not. It was 1980’s something and we had just moved to a place that had cable. We were RICH! Not really, we were as poor as hood rats, but we had HBO and a playground with a swing so life was good. That last Bond movie was For Your Eyes Only starring  Roger Moore and Carole Bouquet. I believe if I ever make myself watch another Bond Movie again, it will have to have Tom Hiddleston playing 007. No, I am not Bond enthusiast. But, casting Hiddleston would definitely make me one.
  2. Tom Hiddleston is Really Really Hot!
  3. Regarding the 6 Lessons in Manliness from James Bond: Number 4 is Dress To Kill and Tom Hiddleston is killing it. He knows how to wear a suit with confidence and is always seen dressed for success.  You can’t deny he would look great as James Bond. 6 Lessons in Manliness from James Bond
  4.  Tom Hiddleston played a most excellent Loki in several Marvel Movies. He portrayed Loki so well I found myself rooting for the goodness in him while wanting to smash his face in. But, isn’t that what mischief does to us? Turns us inside out so we can see the whole human dynamic with just enough humor to keep us from going completely mad?
  5. Most complaints coming from critics against Tom Hiddleston becoming the next James Bond is that he is just too skinny. Bruce Lee was 5’8 at 141 pounds. Lee was fast as lighting cause he was always Kung Fu fighting. It was his sleight weight, lightness and speed that made him a martial arts master and a thrill to watch on the big screen. He still is today. As Hiddleston is a trained professional actor who puts everything into his projects and characters he portrays, I can see him becoming the fastest, most lethal, and best Bond E-v-e-r.
  6. Hiddleston’s performance in Night Manager has been nothing short of inspiring. His walk is was a little ..strange, but as a seasoned professional and talented actor, Tom could probably do anything he sets his mind to. Besides, I read where they actually have paid Bond walkers to help train new actors for that amazing strut. Problem Sol-ved.
  7. And, last but not least. Tom Hiddleston is Really Really Hot!

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