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Fear & Loathing At Indiana University

There is nothing funny about being in a constant state of anxiety and fear. When you are persistently looking for ways to feel this way and your mind participates – entertains you even – your whole being wrapped up in an endless stream of self-perpetuated torture, life becomes horrifying.

What makes things substantially worse is when people you think are on your side encourage and inspire these feelings of fear and loathing. They have no desire to see you as a well-balanced, harmonious, and courageous human being. They want you worried. They need you terrified. Their very existence depends on your emptiness, anxiety, and odium. Your inability to feel at ease, peaceful, and loving in any situation is their greatest accomplishment. Do not doubt me on this.

It is a fact that the human brain cannot think two opposing things at the same time. So, if you are feeling panic, you are not feeling at ease. If you are feeling hate, you are not feeling love. And, when you approach every thing as a veiled threat, you are blind to the beauty of potential. You are shut off from reality, from life and living. That is tragic.

We can only relate to the outer world how we feel within. What you are, the world is. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The spirit reflects the material.

If you are an individual that has been conditioned to see everything and everyone as a threat, to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, you might mistake a Dominican Friar for a KKK member. And, that is exactly what happened at Indiana University Bloomington on Monday, April 6, 2016. This innocent individual was wrongly accused by an anxiety laced, panic filled student reporting a man wearing ‘White Robes’ and carrying a whip.

The whip turned out to be the Friar’s belt. How the mind will convince us of anything when we suffer from psychosis. An email was sent to students warning them of the danger without even looking into the matter so the insanity spread throughout campus creating more chaos, fear, and loathing.

I feel for our young people. They are being educated by higher institutions of learning that profits off their pathological states of mind and teaches them nothing of value. Well, they do learn to go to a Safe Space whenever they feel uncomfortable which prevents them in the long run of examining their own mental inabilities to handle a crisis. 

“No pain of the body can exceed the excruciating pain of an agonized mind.” How do we assist our young people in breaking free from the tortures of an anguished unconsciousness mind? How can Universities, the pillars of higher learning, continue to consciously and on purpose extinguish enlightenment and knowledge? 

If a person is what they think about all day long, don’t you think the person who mistook a rope for a whip and a religious friar for a KKK member something the Indiana University should be concerned about? Mentally speaking, does this person think about being offended constantly that they look for, seek it out, and make it up? 

What is the solution to this tragedy? How do we teach our children to be less frightened of their own shadows? To be emotionally intelligent where the only safe space is within their own minds, cultured and enlightened with the ability to handle other people’s hate, insensitivity, and prejudices? 

The Buddha is a great teacher. He advised us all to watch our thoughts, for they eventually become our destiny. Meditating daily on peaceful loving thoughts, The Buddha had no time to be offended by other people’s self loathing and ignorance. He actually had compassion for them because self abortion is self torture. Pain & suffering was caused by the Ego and it’s insatiable need to be right about all things. Opinion is not truth, truth is not opinion. He asked, “would you rather be right or at peace” because you cannot have both.

The need to be right seeks to make others wrong which separates us, creates a wedge, a division from the Oneness of all life. It mistakes friars with hate groups and ropes for whips and stirs us into a frenzy of pathological fear and loathing. What if this individual. so intently focused on others intentions, meditated on the good in people. Could she have looked at the friar, at reality and saw what WAS instead of what she imagined it to be?

Our minds, left unchecked and unconscious, creates monsters and darkness where there is none. It turns us into anxiety ridden freak outs who accuse innocent people of horrible things.

The victims begin to stack up and the ignorance spreads like a disease. We are not educating our children, we are turning them into mindless anxiety ridden zombies. How much is the cost of education these days? You really can’t put a price on psychosis. 














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