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Climate Refugees or Wealth Redistribution

Back a long time ago we humans blamed natural climate events like floods, land erosion, droughts, famines, etc., on the gods. Then we blamed our climate misfortunes on The God. Today, the communists invented their own religion called Climate Change and blame it on man. They say they are going to save us from Mother Nature’s moods, going to roll back the tides, recede the oceans, end the droughts and the floods by keeping the poor countries poor and fleecing the rich countries into poverty all in the name of Man-made up Climate Change. How is that even sustainable, by the way?

How do you keep stealing from the Rich Countries and keep them from being productive in order to sustain the Poor Countries while impoverishing the rich ones? That is insane. Even the very nature they profess to love doesn’t even work that way. Nature does not take from one animal or living thing and give it to another in the name of fairness. If it did, absolutely nothing would survive. The ‘survival of the fittest’ is not cruel. It is JUST. That is what Real Justice looks like. It resembles nothing what the UN and the communist have cooked up to destroy Capitalism.

This religion truly sucks, if you haven’t noticed. The Climate Priests do not even promise an afterlife. Even the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings created an afterlife in their mythologies. They had moral guidance and valuable ethical lessons to teach us. The religion of Climate Change just has fear mongering, lies, treachery, dangerous inquisition’s, mixed with a little insanity all in the name of a fake science.

Theoretically, humans originated in Africa and migrated outward settling and resettling according to ambition and sometimes natural climate changes. The first Native Americans, is theorized, migrated by a Land Bridge from Siberia to Alaska that spanned the current day Bering Strait. They moved while tracking large animals and perhaps to escape extreme Climate Changes. This was, of course, before fossil fuels.

Many an ancient people migrated due to extreme climate changes. Land erosion, droughts, and floods just to name a few forced many groups to journey to other locations and even other lands.

We were brave, insightful, self-reliant, creative, self-empowered. And, when we moved, so did our culture. In other words, we carried our culture with us, it was not lost, it was not rooted to the land as today’s climate priests will have us believe. It was transportable and fluid like the Earth itself.

According to “Early Migrations Into the Nile Valley”

“Modern scholars must create local groups of people in order to pursue their philosophies of social evolution. They do not see human migrations, but people who occupy a particular geographical area with little regard for how they got there. Then they attempt to explain how those isolated people exchanged with one another. Thus they miss how groups carry their culture with them and leave traces of it as they pass through, perhaps with elements remaining behind to settle along the way. While scientific objectivity is an admirable and necessary practice to remain neutral in assessing evidence it misses the dynamics of human origins.”

A new term, Climate Refugee, has emerged on the Climate Change Scene in order to fleece more money from tax payers in an effort to advance the theory humans are incapable of doing anything without the help of government planners. Have we as a people become so pathetic we have to have other people pay for our lack of self-awareness and self-reliance? To relocate us when the Earth decides it needs a change?

Take for example the 60 residents of Isle De Jean Charles, Louisiana. Mostly members of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe, they have lived on a strip of land in southeastern Louisiana for generations. But, the land has been sinking into the sea from erosion for generations as well. The United States, in an effort to rescue the human race from lack of self-awareness, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance is granting $48 million to relocate them to higher ground.

The cries that the Native Americans are leaving their culture behind is a sad one, but a ridiculous one. For millions of years, humans have migrated carrying their cultures with them and leaving pieces of their customs, stories, and traditions with other cultures along the way. Read mythology and then read the bible and you will notice similarities due to the fact humans moved with the Earth’s many tempers.

We may have scarified to the gods and believe we were capable of controlling the planet’s anger and violence, but who are we kidding? We are lying to ourselves if we believe we are going to control the Earth’s many moods. And, those who profit off people’s fear and lack of self-awareness and self-sufficiency (Climate Change) are more evil and treacherous than those who profit off of people’s emptiness and insatiable need to acquire things (Capitalism). At least one gives us choices.

But, today, according to the Climate Priests bombarding the air waves and every inch of social media, culture is not portable? It is as stagnant, rigid, and permanent as the Earth itself. They are convinced if they can control the Money, they can control the People, and then Control the Planet. Control being the central theme here, folks.

Imagine if the Egyptians had invented the religion of Climate Change/Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change Disruption/Communism in order to have other people pay for them to migrate back and forth from the Nile each year it flooded and then back again when it was a fertile ground of abundance and prosperity.

We will bankrupt every country on this planet if we begin paying people to migrate every time the Earth decided to change, transform and renew itself, which it has been doing since its creation of over 4 billion years ago.

I am not saying we should not look after the Earth. I am currently typing out this blog on a computer that is over 7 years old. It still works fairly well and there is no need to trade her in for a new one any time soon. I may have just jinxed myself. Anyway, I recycle everything I can. Glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, and buy my clothes at Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s. $3.50 pair of jeans that fit like a glove and shirts for $5 bucks. I may look like I shop at second hand stores, but I don’t care.

Litter drives me crazy. It makes me ill to see my road way scattered in Chic-Fil-La bags. And, when I go hiking in the pristine and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, my blood pressure rises with every water bottle and granola wrapper I have to pick up. I donate to Plant a Billion and rarely buy new. I will fix it before I replace it. My tiny car is over 8 years old and I will drive her until she is all but gone. I don’t throw out food, I eat it. I have learned to love left overs. I don’t have central heat, so I have acquired myself to 63 degrees in the Winter and 75 degrees in the Summer in doors.

What I find completely ironic and holy inconsistent is the same people who believe in Wealth Redistribution, er … I mean Climate Change also believe in abortion. You know what causes Pollution and Abortion? Thoughtlessness. Indolence. Selfishness. Irresponsibly. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Know Thyself.

The same people who believe man is responsible for creating the hurricane forming off the coast of Africa – and the rising sea levels, are somehow NOT responsible for the creation of another human being. Either you are a responsible selfless human being or you are not. It really doesn’t work any other way. And, I have to ask. How are we going to control the Earth’s climate, rising sea levels when we cannot control or even save ourselves? How are we going to save a Planet when we cannot lift a finger to save one unborn child?

We destroy. It’s in our nature. We destroy human life we actually created and celebrate our right to do so and yet we are going to save a Planet we had no hand in creating by fleecing rich countries out of their wealth and keeping poor countries poor all in the name of a Religion that does not have one moral teaching or an afterlife? Yeah. Good luck with that.

It has plenty of Priests and false gods, treachery, lies, and inconsistencies to sustain for a little while longer. But, for how long will be interesting. Maybe long enough for the human race to go extinct from lack of Self-accountability, self-reliance, and self-awareness. We once listened to the Earth, her many moods and temperaments and moved and migrated accordingly. Now, we listen to greedy politicians, government planners, and communists.

If the Earth had been stagnant hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of years ago, had never had a drought, flood, erosion, or famine, Man-made Climate Change might make sense. But, that is not the case. The fact that floods, droughts, famines, and erosion is worse now and since the Industrial Revolution is as ridiculous notion as Al Gore saying we will never see snow again.

You want to save the planet? Maybe we should start by figuring out how we first save ourselves. Start by honoring the life we create instead of coming up with every excuse why we have a right to destroy it. Show me you want to save unborn babies from the thoughtless, indolence, selfish, and unaccountable, and I will trust you want to save the planet form the thoughtless, indolent, selfish, and unaccountable. Show me some consistency rather than an ideology based on the communist theory of wealth redistribution.

And, Climate Refugees my astral projection.

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