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The Offended States of America

In the latest show of American Offendedness, Old Navy has stepped in it. Whether intentional to garner advertisement or a kind of a genuine innocence to show that interracial relationships are a part of America’s wonderful culture of diversity and embraced by all, the clothing store began their marketing day with a picture of a  beautiful  staged interracial family along with a coupon to promote online shopping to their consumers.

Of course, because Americans have nothing else better to do on a quiet and peaceful Sunday afternoon than to become utterly offended and show their racism, a handful of trolls came out from under their rocks to lambaste the company for promoting miscegenation: the mixing of races. I believe the word ‘boycott’ was thrown into the mix as well.

And, you better believe that those few racists were made to look like every white person in America voting for Trump is a small minded bigoted.

And, after said handful of idiots became offended by the Old Navy ad, something ordinary happened. Those offended by the offensiveness of the offended became just as equally offensive. Welcome to America, folks. The land where everyone is offended by something in which the offended becomes as offensive as those who offended them in the first place.

It is a vicious cycle that never ends unless one of the offended finds something else to be offended about and so the cycle begins anew but with a different target and a new set of reasons to be offended at something or someone. It does not help that our media enjoys our outrage and profits off our ignorance, prejudices, and small mindedness. They relish in the comedy of human error.

The media. A joke that isn’t funny, but rather tragic. They remind me of the Norse god Loki. Trouble makers whose only purpose is to be manipulating and deceitful in order to create an illusion and spin things the way they want us to see it.

The media rarely, if ever, reports the truth or attempts to verify the facts. What they write is a distorted biased rendition of the truth based on the writer’s own ideology, deep seated opinions, and far reaching troubling faults.

It is up to the reader to see through the trickery and artifice that is today’s constant shape shifting commentary. We all need a little mischief in our lives to keep things real, but the media, to pass themselves off as legitimate or honest and a benefit to the American people really is quite evil.

While we were being outraged over a simple advertisement by a clothing chain who sells cheaply made adorable fashions, there was another story that barely saw the light of day because there was hardly anything for Americans to be offended about.

Tragically, two weeks ago a 7.8 magnitudes earthquake struck Ecuador killing 654 people. What you may not have known was a 72-year-old man was pulled from the rubble of a building by a Venezuelan rescue crew on Friday, April 29, 2016.

That was a miracle, a story that should have trended for hours, if not days by the American people. But, instead it was buried under piles of offensive garbage because Americans would rather feel offended by humanities failings than feel inspired by its triumphs.

Really, why? Because, Americans prefer to be in a state of outrage, to be insulted constantly and that is why Old Navy garnered more media attention and why we kept it alive and festering feeding this insatiable need to be offended by everything and ashamed of nothing.

It is almost as if we look for it and if we can’t fine it, we seek it out in order to validate the human condition as severely malevolent and reprehensibly offensive. The offensive offending and the offended being offensive.

And, this is how America spent her Sunday afternoon. Not celebrating a human being that managed to survive 2 weeks under a pile of rubble, enduring every horror imaginable in order to live through and face some of humanities greatest fears. Being buried alive, death, starvation, and insanity.

We spent our Sunday attacking each other, each side being just as offensive as the other and the media and a clothing company profiting off our outrage. A contest of ignorance and pettiness traded back and forth that has come to embody America and the media that sustains her appetite for illusions, mischief, and mental vacancy.

Perhaps we relish in the idea that someone can be more close minded than ourselves, or we believe our selective prejudices are more superior than another’s. But, which ever the case, our insatiable appetite to be offensive and offending is more alluring to the American consumer than being happy for a life that survived against all odds.

Keep telling the media you want more things to be offended about and they will feed you all the outrage they can get their hands on. Go ahead America, let us offend our way into oblivion.

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