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Last Night In Philly

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was a mitigated disaster of epic proportions. Don’t let the Colluded media fool you into believing it was anything less. There were more boos than cheers and so much so the media had to manipulate the noises by shifting microphones to ensure the applause was louder than the taunts at the mention of Hillary Clinton. Can you say ‘More Collusion’ boys and girls?

More treachery and manipulation to make the DNC appear better than they are, more unified than they were, and more ‘high’ than they were low.

As the speakers struggled to bring the crowd into one unifying force, every mention of Hillary Clinton’s name resulted in boo’s that at some point you think they would have stopped saying her name just to get a few cheers in.

You have to wonder if it was not for a foreign entity, Bernie Sanders, his supporters and the rest of America would still be speculating rather than being proved right that the DNC is nothing but a cheating, lying, rigged, racist, bigoted organization with no intention of righting any wrongs or transforming anytime soon.

It took a Wikileaks dump to expose the horrid underbelly of the Democratic National Convention who deludes themselves into believing they are open, diverse, and fair.  

Pardon while I throw up in my mouth.

They seem to think Americans are more concerned about who exposed the emails than who was responsible for them. These are the same people we are going to have to trust to be fair, honest, and humble to every American, not just the ones who cheer for Hillary Clinton.

You see how they treat their own? Are these the same people we hope will keep ALL Americans safe from our enemies and make us all prosperous again? Actually, these are the same people who were completely fine with colluding with the Media in rigging a Presidential Primary and screwing over their own fellow Democrats.  

Good luck with that, America.

But, it gets worse. Last night in Philly exposed more than a fractured Party. It revealed to the American people and the world that revolutions today, at least in the Democrat Party, are only a means to an end in ending up exactly where it was before the revolution started.

Bernie Sanders is credited for starting a revolt against corruption, intimidation, dishonesty, swindling, and distortion in the political arena. He attracted the young and old to his campaign against Hillary Clinton and rallied against a rigged system. But, in the end, Bernie Sanders sold out for a plane ride.

He is now asking his supporters to sell out with him and support the very thing they were told to reject though they get no private jet to ride or a nice sports car to showboat in. I have to wonder if his staunch supporters are now feeling the bitter sting of betrayal?

There is a reason Dante saved the lowest level of hell for the betrayers to their benefactors. There is no greater pain than being deceived. To believe in a man and then watch him turn away and leave you and join with the very thing he said you should reject. How can you play with people so carelessly, so foolishly and expect them to heel?

As a one former Bernie Sanders supporter put it, “Bernie energized us with RedBull now he wants us to drink the Kool-Aid”

Ironically, Jim Jone was the man who officially administered the Kool-Aid and he was a Democrat Socialist, too. 

The Democrats believe they don’t need the Bernie Sanders supporters because Tim Kaine speaks Spanish. They believe they have the Hispanic Commodity and brand loyalty by painting the Republicans as Racist and don’t need no stinking Bernie Sanders voters.

Yeah, good luck with that Democrats.

Fortunately, the DNC Leak revealed the Democrats are not immune to racism referring to Mexicans as Taco Bowls and Hispanics as a Commodity Vote to be Captured. You do understand that a Commodity is a Product that is bought & sold. Captured. Bought. Sold. Sounds like Slavery to me.

Look how well the black community has fared after Democrats went after the Black Commodity Vote 50 years ago.

You can fool yourselves the Democrat National Convention went well, the Party is unified and you can believe the colluded MSM and social media sites that the Democrats are doing well with America, but you would be wrong.

The Democrats have been complaining for I don’t know how long how terrible America is and how they can right all the wrongs. Now, America seems like a special place after they were caught cheating, lying, stealing, and revealed how racist and bigoted they really are. As someone so eloquently put it, “It took Donald Trump to make Michelle Obama and Democrats to say America is an exceptional nation.” Let that sink in.

Real Estate Mogul and Republican Presidential Candidate is living rent free in the heads of the Colluded Media and Fractured Democrats. Their only platform is to hate Trump and call his supporters racist.

Yeah, good luck with that DNC.

Last night in Philly was not my idea of Unity or Exceptionalism. Most Americans don’t want a bunch of children running this country and that is what it looked like. Parents scolding their children after they have been abandoned, ill-treated, and abused. What did you expect?

Now, witness as the same colluded media who painted the upbeat RNC convention as doom & gloom will do their best to convince you the DNC convention was anything but lollipop and sunshine. 

And, where the hell was the American Flag?

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