About Me

I follow politics and prefer the philosophies of the Social Libertarians and Fiscal Conservatives.  I will be writing my observations and opinions on the current American Political Theater.

I believe in the Individual over the Collective, Free Markets over Socialism and feel very strongly that dogs make the best pets. I enjoy philosophy, nature, art, literature, and humor. I am drawn to the mystical, mythological, the invisible and the potential in all things.

Married once and forever. No children, thank God. I have been accused of enjoying myself a little too much which is, probably, a true statement. My writings may be a bit abstract and contradictory, but so am I.

I am currently working on my first Erotic Romance Novel entitled Hot Britches.

Read In Peace.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. After viewing the tragic events in Newtown while I was in a restaurant on Friday, I quickly noticed, similar to the prior similar tragedies, how thirsty the media was to get out the name, background and motive for the psycho who did what he did. It’s almost a race between them, and once the name was discovered, it then took on a life of it’s own, with world wide coverage of the assailant. His picture was published around the world, a full story on his childhood, his family, interviews on anyone that he had ever encountered, his favorite sports team etc ……….. Herein lies the problem, as well as the solution.

    My brother is an FBI agent and one of the directors of the FBI behavioral unit at Quantico is my neighbor. Both said “It should be no surprise to anyone, the shooter got everything he wanted in his attack.” They then said, “it will happen again because much of what drives these types is the fame, temporary power and recognition they gain as a result. There were multiple people killed in shootings in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but the reason for the increase in number and horrific nature from then and now is the instant world wide fame from the internet and the media’s vast coverage of the assailant.” Similar to rape victims not having their name out there, or mass murderers not being able to sell their books for profit. What would be wrong with a law / petition or plea to the media that God forbid such another psycho is contemplating a similar act, that they know their name will not be published or made known, and they will not become famous as a result of their potential horrific act ?

    It is well known that these loner / loser types are social misfits, were never part of the in crowd, never had meaningful relationships with women and often times never able to get their just do in their kind in terms of recognition in their twisted worlds of fantasy. They are cowards who in their warped views, are going to get back at all the people, organizations and situations that have ever wronged them, and do it in a blaze of glory so that they become famous. It is most often coupled with mental illness, which is an entirely different subject, but with the 9-11 terrorists, they were not mentally ill, and are forever glorified for their infamous acts. Al Qaeda seeks out just these types of losers and fills their heads with images of glory, respect for their family etc for their suicide missions …..There are numerous analogies that can be made in terms of the chicken or the egg, supply and demand and cause and effect but the bottom line is if you remove the incentive, there is a far greater possibility of someone thinking about even considering it.

    All of us know the names of the 9-11 terrorists, Texas tower shooter, Newtown, Aurora, Columbine, Norway shooter who killed 84 people, Va Tech, Assassins of Presidents and I could go on. Can any of us recite the names of the victims ? Aside from their mental illness, it is well proven that what these quite intelligent whack jobs craved above all else was attention, and they succeeded.

    I don’t know how, but with people like you, I know who could put together such an effort. Whether it would be sitting down with the CEO’s of CNN, Fox, ABC, NY Times or the like I’d be all for it. Further, to the legal and law enforcement folks included in this email, would it be possible to get some sort of law passed that says that the name of the psycho won’t be made known ? The challenge will also be the public who craves knowing who the assailant was. Personally, I could care less and if it were properly explained to the public that the craving to know who did it is fueling the problem, maybe they would see the cause and effect ? Unfortunately, there are evil broken people in the world and as I read yesterday, we will never legislate or counsel them to not be that way. As I said, this is not meant to be a political discussion on gun control, mental illness or our culture or society. It’s meant to discuss 1 possible solution and prevent and deter such a tragedy from ever occurring again. If nothing else, spread the word and maybe we’ll make a difference.

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