Climate Change: The Politics of Accountability

The Progressives new Mantra – Outraged by everything. Ashamed of nothing. The Politics of Accountability gives us a political party that relies on the thoughtless, indolent, and unaccountable for their vote and power. “Are you poor? Well, you didn’t get their own your own, someone else made that happen. Society is to blame for your poverty and ignorance and society is responsible for lifting you out of it by paying you $15.00 an hour flipping burgers. What? You want to improve your circumstances by improving yourself? No need. Just blame your poverty and ignorance on the rich, successful, Republicans, Conservative, and vote for a politician who will will take from the Society that caused your unfortunate circumstances. All you have to do is feel bitter, angry, resentful, unhappy, and ungrateful and we will take care of the rest.”

We have been convinced our circumstances – our life choices are not our fault. Political leaders keep telling us collectivism, social justice, wealth redistribution is the way to go. Marxism will not prevent severe weather. It will not reduce the amount of carbon in the air. Actually, it exacerbates the problem because it convinces people that their life is someone else’s responsibility, just like the care of the Earth – Someone else’s responsibility.

Edward O. Wilson studied Collective Insects. He observed their behavior and concluded – “Marx was right, Socialism works. He just had the wrong species.” The collective insect is used by society. They have no say in their experience of life – ONLY to the society they serve. You can say they are a SLAVE to the collective. Human beings on the other hand USE society. Their attention is on themselves and how best they can use other humans to their advantage. Human Nature. We are the creators of our life circumstances, the master of our destiny. So, the question is – Do you want to live as an insect in a collective society – banal, unauthentic, unoriginal, and unexceptional and a slave to humanity? Or do you want to be responsible for how you feel because how you feel is the result of what you are thinking – and what you are thinking creates your destiny?

We are not the result of our society. Society is the result of us. Krishnamurti wrote, “What you are the world is, and without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.” If you want peace – be peaceful. If you want kindness – be kind. If you want accountability – be accountable. If you want people to honor and respect the earth – you as an individual – the tranformer of the world, must hold yourself accountable. Ask yourself, “Who put me here at this exact moment?”, and if you listen attentively, your sub-concious will say – YOU DID.

We are not empowering women by celebrating abortions. Abortions are a result of being thoughtless, selfish, unaccountable, disrespectful, and disempowered. We are not honoring Earth by it either. Unaccountability. Thoughtlessness. Indolence. Selfishness. These are the four things that are destroying women. These are the four things also destroying are precious planet. The two are connected. Accountability is not subjective.

We have to love the tiny seeds growing in the womb of Earth in the spring to give us nourishment throughout the rest of the year. We have to prepare the soil, fertilize it, attend and water it, make sure it will survive to full potential. We have to take responsibility for that. Human unborn babies deserve the same respect, care, and love.

There is a wonderful book every young lady should be reading. Actually, there should be classes for young women based off of this book. Not only will it help you get pregnant (my sister had 2 sons using this method), it will help you NOT get pregnant. Knowledge is power ladies, empowering politicians is not.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler. Here is the link to Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Fertility-Anniversary-Edition/dp/0060881909

But, I digress.

The same political party counting on this populist idea (Social Justice, Wealth Redistribution) that only require you of blame others for your circumstances also want you to know that the hurricane forming off the coast of Africa is YOUR FAULT. You made that happen. It didn’t create itself on its own. With your SUV’s, plastic bags, selfishness and breathing – YOU have caused the earth to warm and the climate to change from tranquility to severity in a matter of a few centuries. Before the Industrial Revolution, there was not one drought, flood, hurricane, heat wave or blizzard. Well, it was, but it was less severe. Well, that isn’t true either. But, human beings are NOT responsible for their life choices, but ARE to blame for natural occuring weather patterns.

Look at the poorest areas of Detroit and tell me these individuals care about themselves, their environment, their community, their country, and this planet? When the same political party starts talking self-accountability, self-reliance, self-awareness, and self-sufficiency, self-respect, self-esteem – then I might believe them when they say they care about the health of the planet? Until then, it is just a means to an end to control people, make them bitter, angry, and ungrateful, fearful, anxious, disrespectful to themselves, others, and this planet in order to empower themselves. That is a shameful.

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