Defending Liberal Progressivism

Cool the Jets

Liberal Progressivism can be defined as a political ideology that unites the left-leaning concept of government intervention with individual liberty. If that sounds ironic, it is. In other words, People are free to do what they want as long as their government can control their behavior and manage their life according to Liberal Progressive ideaology.

Phychic Fair

Having a private conversation? Big Government knows. It should be well accepted by now that politicians know how to live your life better than you. Individuals are incompetent fools with no sense of self-comprehension and that is why government officials should be in charge of people’s personal experiences, medical care, self-esteem, and finances. 

We cannot have people spending their own hard earned money on personal things that might make them individually happy. Selfishness does not belong in a Liberal Progressive run society unless you are a Politician, Government official or Entertainer then it is do as I say, not…

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