The Problem with the Democrat Philosophy

The problem with Democrats and their philsophy – well one of many – is they don’t think people can do anthing without their help. Abusers to the same thing to their victims. They have no faith or confidence in the individual. Progressives especially think low income people lack the imagination and drive to achieve anything and that is why they coddle them and keep them poor and stupid.

The politics of happiness never made anyone very happy. It helps having a scapegoat to blame everything on. Conservatives, Rich People, Koch Brothers – whatever. As long as you can point the finger at someone, nothing will ever improve. Try that in your own life. Keep repeating the same mistakes and blaming it on your parents, your spouse, your lover, your boss, and see how your life improves. Abusers do that to their victims.

When you convince people they are the victim of their circumstances and tell them their poverty is someone else’s fault, they will always be looking for someone or something else to lift them out of poverty and ignorance. That is where the Democrats come in saying, “I will save you.” They also say, “The Republicans don’t care about you.” Abusers say the same thing to their victims.

This philosophy of ‘mistakes were made, but not by me’ does not lift anyone out of poverty. tt never has. Basing votes on the color of a persons skin, their sexual parts, and their sexual orintation is rather shallow and limiting. Wringing concessions out of the American people while convincing the poor they are where they are and who they are because someone else put them there does not solve the problem. It empowers government and poltiicans which it is designed to do. It does not empower the Individual. It devalues them – on purpose.

But, if people are convinced they are the creators of their circumstances, the builder, maker, and shaper of their own destiny, the creator of their own life choices, there is nothing that a strong faith and will cannot accomplish – within reason of course. If you can dream it, you can be it. That is when the people begin to say, “No thanks Democrats, I can save myself”.

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