Defending Abortions

Have your abortions. Have as many as you want. Defend the Mothers who carry it out. Whatever. Just stop complaining about how Selfish, Unkind, and Prejudice the World is. Be consistent. When you defend Self-centeredness and Prejudice acts, defend it for all people, not just Mothers.

If you defend a woman who plans a pregnancy and decides it is too flawed, ugly, and ignorant to see him/her/all take their first breath, defend their right to believe certain people are flawed, ugly, and ignorant and have no ounce of kindness to keep such thoughts to themselves. Defend that Bully.

If you defend the selfish act of not wanting to be responsible for another human being because they would be too burdensome, defend the right of all people who make a lot of money and decide that taking care of other people with the money they made would be too burdensome. Defend the Capitalist.

If you defend individuals who had an abortion because they are scornful of beings with Down-Syndrome, defend the individuals who are scornful of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, and Asians. There is no difference. Defend other people’s right to hate them for being something they cannot help. Seems Just. Defend that Racist and Homophobe.

To sum up. Defend, Selfishness, Prejudice, and Unkindness for all people. Be consistant in your philosophy and beliefs. Defend the Bully, the CEO,  the Racist, the Homophobe, and MOTHERS HAVING ABORTIONS. It is only fair.

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