Socialism Works!

Socialism works, just with a different species. Ants and all collective insects are great socialists. Why? They have no reproductive freedom. Now, the goal of the Obama Administration, Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives is to make everyone an Ant through the horror called Obamacare.

Becoming collective is not in our nature so it must be forced upon us through lies, and distortion. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for an Ants Life – your wagons hitched to everyone else with no reproductive freedom and a Queen Bee that golfs all the time, goes on comedy shows to promote a hideous program, while the American people suffer.

Good going Liberals and Democrats. You have managed to turn America into an Ant Hill with no individuality, authenticity, or originality all in the name of an ideology that takes away reproductive freedom and turns humans into Humants.

Collective Marxist Socialism works for those who have no desire for self-exploration, self-awareness, or self-sufficiency. Does this mean the philosophy that worships an ants life should be forced upon us all. There are still people in America with the courage and desire to explore life on purpose. They do not seek an Ants experience. They seek a human experience.

Socialism works for ants, but does this mean we humans must become ants to make socialism work for us? Must we change our nature, our biological make-up to fit into a Collectivist colony? Must we continue to vote for Progressive Liberal Democrats who desire the human being give up individualism and reproductive freedom in order to explore the life of unoriginal banality?

So if an ants life is what you desire, keep voting for the Democrats. If not and you want to explore a life lived deliberately – I suggest perhaps a vote for an individual who believes in Individual Sovereignty and Reproductive Freedom.  

And, before you go thinking abortion is an example of reproductive freedom it is not. It is an atrocity. An act created by the human mind in order to live without self-awareness, self-accountability, self-respect, and self-belief.

Reproductive freedom means we have the choice of creating individual beings – not abolishing life or ripping it to shreds. Destroying life is called murder. So you see, the Democrats have taken the one thing that separates human beings from collective insects and distorted it in order to turn human beings into ants. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for inauthenticity. Welcome to your ant hill.

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