Is Mother Nature a Libertarian?

I am a tree hugger, and I love Mother Earth, but I am also a realist. Raised in a Baptist home, I  also love God & Jesus.  I like Buddha, too. I also like the Tao, Yoga, meditation, Ambient music, the smell of patchouli, and hummus on a gluten-free organic multi-grain cracker.

I do not always agree with political pundits on both ends of the dogmatic spectrum and find them cringe worthy at times, but who, with an opinion, isn’t cringe worthy?

This idea that people are NOT accountable for their life choices or circumstances is the cruelest and most unjust belief ever perpetrated by the human mind and Mother Earth. Politicians may find it personally and financially beneficial to convince people their current situation is the result of other people’s selfishness and neglect, but it is pure evilness and will destroy this Earth faster than will a billion taco farts released simultaneously into the atmosphere.

Politicians will tell you your life circumstances are someone else’s fault. Mother Nature will tell you be accountable and recycle your self-created garbage. She is not cruel, she is Just and she is Truth. Politicans wouldn’t know the truth is if it slapped them in the face, delivered several body blows, a few jabs and then layed them out with a left hook.

Politicians need people to feel bitter, resentful, poor, ungrateful, blameless.  Americans are not dumb. It is all about beating the system. Cheat. Lie. Steal. As a result of such lawlessness, Mother Nature sees This!

Detroit - Nature of Man

Isn’t Social Justice beautiful?

Mother Nature needs people to feel Self-Empowered, Self-Sufficient, Self-Accountable, Grateful. As a result, Politicians see This!

Montana Medicine Lake, Montana National Park

Which begs the question – Is Mother Nature a Libertarian? Is she, God forbid, a Conservative? I am not sure how politicians have gotten away for so long with promoting bitterness over gratitude, blame over accountability, co-dependence over self-sufficiency, but they have and it is time for this petulance on Mother Earth to stop. Social Justice may sound great in text, but it in no way convinces people to hold themselves accountable and recycle their garbage.

If people feel they are not accountable for their life choices and current circumstances, how have they been convinced they are to blame for Global Warming Climate Change Disruption? Are you really going to recycle and respect the Earth when you feel it is someone else’s responsibility to take care of your garbage? Screw Great Mother, where’s my free cell phone?

Why do I not hear more Tree Huggers, Environmentalists praising Conservative and Libertarian values & their character traits? Is their hate so deep they cannot see the value in self-sufficiency, independence, accountability, self-reliance, and very little debt?

If you are self-accountable for your life, would you not feel the same for your self-created garbage? Boggles the mind how backward our political beliefs can compromise the Health of our Earth. How have we convinced people they are not responsible for their life decisions but are the cause of hurricanes, floods, a polar vortex, and heat waves?

If man is man – woman is woman & masters of their own fate – should they not also be masters of their garbage. To claim responsibility of one’s life is to also claim responsibility for all things created – both within our own bodies and without. Should we not become aware of how our choices impact our destiny and the destiny of Earth – the destiny of others?

If Mother Nature went toe to toe with a Politician today, would she be shouted down by political activists for being uncaring and wanting animals to starve and freeze to death? Would they slander Mother Nature for refusing to take from one animal what belonged to them and giving to another for which it did not belong? Does Mother Nature do things that way? No. But, politicians do.

Politicians do.

Only a politician can loot with superiority and call it Justice – Social Justice that is. Mother Nature is not Cruel – she is Just. She is Truth. She cares nothing for your opinion or mine and does what is fair to all her creatures.

She does not convince the snake he is insignificant. She does not say, “Snake – you have no legs and you will never be able to fly, but the eagle has legs and wings and you should hate him for it. Would you like me to take the wings from the eagle to give to you since it is not fair for one animal to have wings and another to have none? People love eagles, they hate snakes – you are the cause of sin and humanities downfall. I will take from the eagle so you won’t have low self-esteem.”

She does not tell the Crow, “Your feathers are of only one shade and most people fear your presence – your represent death – but Peacock over there is vibrant and beautiful and loved by many. You should feel bitter and envious of such adoration. I will take the peacocks feathers and give them to you so you can feel beautiful and adored.”

She does not tell the mother Dolphin swollen with child, “You should not be punished with a baby, why don’t you abort your baby dolphin so you can be free to fuck other dolphins without consequence. It’s a throw-away ocean society polluted by other throw-away societies, and who wants to raise a dolphin surrounded by other people’s garbage?” 

Baby Dolphin

And, until all Life is sacred – No Life is sacred. Just Say’in.

What would happen to Earth if Mother Nature became a bleeding heart Liberal? The same when politicians convinced of their own self-importance infests tiny minds with their rheteric and lies. This!

Mother Nature embraces Socialism

To be convinced to hate yourself for what you lack and what others have is bad enough, but to vote for the same people that keep you in this state of mind is inexcusable. The wonderful thing about a human being is we can change our circumstances simply by changing our minds. And, we can change our minds simply by shutting out the dialogue that keeps us chained to the idea we are who we  are and what we are because of others people selfishness, prejudice, and negligence.

If you’ve been convinced your hatred, poverty, life circumstances are the result of other people’s greed – you will wait in vain for your prosperity and abundance. Mother Nature never takes from one creature what belongs to them and gives to another in order to impose Social Justice and fairness.

We are who we are and what we are because of our own choices. We put ourselves here. That is a fact and sometimes a cruel reality for those who’ve been convinced by politicians to believe in a society that will save them from themselves. Destiny is the accumulation of your deeds, your life choices, your personal decisions. Destiny is perfect Justice.

We cannot love the Earth and preach Social Justice and expect a Just outcome. We cannot preach bitterness, envy, blame and expect the congregation to recycle their garbage. Either you love the Earth and you believe in Self-sufficiency or you hate the Earth and keep preaching co-dependency. Politicians can’t have it both ways, but they try because humans prefer laziness over hard work.

It is time we embrace Self-Accountability as an Environmental approach and not just a Conservative & Libertarian talking point. If you reject the politics of Personal Responsiblity as unfair and cruel because it sounds good to the lazy and indolent – you are what is hurting the Earth today and shame on you for your selfishness. Mother Nature deserves your respect, not your EGO & greed.

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