President Obama tells Lie of the Year

Christ declared that he who would be his disciple must “deny himself daily.” And declared, “No man can serve two masters; you cannot serve God and mammon.” God is truth by the way. 

Buddha said, “Truth is, self is not.” 

James Allen wrote, “There is only one quality which preeminently distinguishes the man of Truth from the man of self, and that is humility. Truth, being unchangeable and eternal, is independent of your opinion and of mine.” 

So opinion is not truth and that is all a politician is – a person of ego, opinion, and power. And, some in America want others to be under the thumb of these very people because “this government knows best because it closely aligns with my own beliefs”. 

I am happy a politician received the lie of the year. Maybe individuals will awaken from the illusion that they are all being oppressed and injured by others instigated by politicians – who thrive on wounded bitter hearts – and take up the reins of self-created consciousness – mindfulness – awareness. 

Maybe people in this country and around the world will finally realize we must believe in ourselves, have faith in things that will never pass away (God).

“Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen.” ~Diana Robinson. Go into silence and you will hear God and the angels say, “You are loved, always.”

Whether you believe in Christ, the Eternal Life force, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Energy, Global Warming, Nothingness, Buddha, Gaia, Tao, Chi, Ra, or whatever that makes you vibrate love – follow your heart, express authenticity, but cease your need to feed your ego with only those who agree with you. End your pride and selfishness in thinking everyone is flawed if they do not believe the same things you do.

Be open to all – Be aware of Self – but don’t let it rule your heart and head to the point you want to oppress others and separate them from their own authenticity. Leave them alone. Happiness is not in numbers – it is the devine understanding of Self and the marvelous ability not to serve it. 

However, We Are Not Ants. We are not collective insects to be sacrificed for the good of all. Human nature is not made that way. If Mother Nature wanted Human Ants, she would have made us asexual and unoriginal. For man, no two paths are the same. Of course, that can still be arranged with Obamacare. Say NO to Clockwork Orange, my friends.  

Your beliefs don’t have to be believed in by others. Be alive in your own truths and cease casting them upon your fellow victims. They have their own authentic lives to create. Their path is their own.

Anaïs Nin wrote, “The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.”

How do we live life deliberately when we are led around by egomaniacs with law degrees who believe their own truths must be believed in by others or else you are a racist, homophobe, terrorists, or misogynist who want poor people to starve. The same people who brought you the lie fo the year are also telling you Republicans want people to die.

Truth is not opinionated or bias and can express a love for all things, all people. Truth has no enemy except Self. To me, President Obama’s character is made of selfishness and ego, NOT truth. He serves only one master, himself. But, don’t we all?

There is a saying that the worst part of being lied to is that the person telling the lie does not think you are worth the truth. The American people were not worth the truth because “they do not know what is good for them”. This is a classic characteristic of an Abuser – extinquishing self-reliance and self-confidence.

Do you really enjoy a government that lies to you as a direct result of them not trusting you to do what is best for you? Does that make you feel confident? Does that make you feel good?  “You think you can do these things, but you just can’t, Nemo”

Government is made of men who pass away. God is made of truth who will never pass away. What do you put your faith in? Do you follow Ego – Self – Momentary, or do you follow Truth – God – All Eternal? The beautiful thing about God is, you are given free will to choose. Government – when inflated with it’s own self-importance and ego, will never give you that choice. God gives you everything you need to succeed. Governemnt takes it away so that you become dependent and then tell you to hate others for your self-created purgatory.

A government enslaved by the egos of man believe their own religion, philosophy, and creed to be Truth and all others in error and in need of fixing. Truth is at peace with everything. There is no conflict. Ego is in constant conflict with everything and everyone and especially within the Self.

But, maybe we have become complacent. We are lied to constantly so we tolerate it, and accept it as something we deserve because we are too ignorant to know what is good for us. Abusers love this in their victims.

They are doing you a favor by lying because you can’t handle the truth and the more they lie, the more truth becomes diluted and unrecognizable. And the more stupid and dependent America becomes on her Government, the faster God (truth) fades away to nothingness.

Abusers love to seperate you from the greatest love you will ever know – The Gift Of God’s Love.  Abusers lie to you. They isolate you. They take away your truth so you will follow their truth in order to satisfy their own ego. They have their hooks into you so deep, only God can remove them.

A lie means you were not worth the truth. The TRUTH means you were worth everything. Find it within – Not without.


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