Virus Attacking the Washington Redskin Camp

A new disease is attacking the Washington Redskins and gaining the attention of sports fans everywhere. Called Imoffendeditis  (pronounced – I am Offended ITIS), a human being becomes agitated or filled with offendedness from an imaginary sense of insensitivity on behalf of another who did not even know they should be offended.

Victims of self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic personalities (Bob Costas) develop Imoofendeditis when their irrational sense of injustice involves taking away certain freedoms, rights and personal decisions from individuals because they believe there own offense of people and things is shared by everyone. 

Doctors and Scientists all over the world have increased their study on the disease that leaves people looking selfish, stupid, closed minded and angry. The Owner of the Washington Redskins is donating over 1 million dollars to look into a cure for the degenerative disease. Other franchises are looking into donating to the cause for fear of Imoffendeditis spreading to their franchises.

Is it offensive to use Native American names as mascots? Below are a few rational responses from Students who were asked this same question:


  1.  t’s not an argument about who is offended. We can play that game forever, this topic notwithstanding. It’s about the right to keep a brand name for which millions of dollars have been invested and who gets to decide. The fans have voted for years to keep it. That’s what counts. Not politicians, the oligarchy known as the NFL, not special interest groups. If fans want it changed, let them vote with their pocketbooks. If not, then let’s stop the nonsense.

— Kam

  1. In my opinion, naming mascots and teams after Native Americans can be seen in a respectful light. For major Sports teams who could use any other likely name to represent them and the essence of their teams, but choose to honor and be honored by taking the names of the fearless warriors who were birthed from the very earth of this nation, whats so wrong with that.

— A’leetzia

The Cranberry

In An Unknown Women, author Alice Koller expresses a metaphorical comparison using cranberries. The essence of choice and discernment is sincere. Some people love cranberries, some hate them. But, if one is to believe nature would never prolong a mistake, then one must also agree that the primordial cranberry symbolizes perfection.

And, then one would have to conclude that even when an individual discriminates against a cranberry, it does not make the edible red embellishment any less perfect than if it was adored.

So, discrimination is a personal choice and decision. If judgment originates from a total lack of self-comprehension and self-hatred, then does the cranberry suffer or the one  who is out of balance with themselves and the Universe.

Generally, we should keep our prejudices to ourselves and not feel everyone believes the same so everyone does not suffer other’s biases and ego centered feelings. Just because you hate something or someone, does not mean everyone should suffer or dwell in your aversions or hatreds. 

On the first day of College Math, I walked into the classroom with a bit of unease. I hate the first day of anything. While I breezed past the teacher, she grabbed me and asked me if I had cinnamon. I had just popped a piece of Big Red gum into my mouth to help my nervousness so the answer was yes. What came next almost induced a panic attack. 

Apparently, the woman was allergic to cinnamon which she reminded me was communicated by Itinerary prior to attending. She began foaming at the mouth and screeched, “Get out of my class!” I quickly realized, due to the Indignant’s self-centered aversion to cinnamon, I was the target of own intolerance and negative imbalances.

A few people were looking at me feeling just as awkward and embarrased as I felt. Others were looking at the cinnamon racist with a keen since of resentment.  My personal opinion was she hated the smell of cinnamon, invented the idea of an allergic reaction for attention and made sure everyone within 30 feet of her existence suffered from her self-loathing.

Ah, the benefits of living in a collective society. When one suffers, we all must suffer. When one is offended, we must all be offended. When one is racist, others must be racist. When one is intolerant, others must be intolerant. The most selfish act one can entertain is to impose their beliefs, aversions, hatred, confusion, hopelessnes upon others and then blame them for their own imbalances. 

The Washington franchise has invested a hell of a lot of money on the name and face of the Redskins. Fans have invested their money and time in supporting their team. And, there is nothing like a Redskin Fan. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

When I was twelve, my father left my mother, twin sister, little brother and me. I think we all floated for a while, not sure how to proceed. My mother was a God fearing women and raised us as witnesses to Faith, Hard Work, Courage, and Persistence. My father was a television hoarder and hated football. I love my father, but soon realized there was a positive side to his absence.

One Sunday afternoon it was too cold to hang outside so we all gathered around my mother.

She happened to be watching some sporting event on the television set– a Washington Redskin game to be precise. As we tried to have a conversation with her all at once, she jerked upright and yelled … Go! Go! Go!

Noticing our confused silence, she relaxed back into the thread bare flowered yellow couch and stated, “I’ve always loved the Redskins.”

You know what love is? Love is an emotion based on kindness, affection, and compassion separated from any thoughts of hate, fear, anger and injury. So when my mother exposed her feelings of love for a football team named after Native Americans – a broken family sould soon became whole again.

For the first time in many months, there was a smile on my mother’s face and a spark of life that had been missing. She had been pretty devastated about my father leaving. We all were.

Pretty soon, Sunday Football became a ritual. Football & The Washington Redskins brought us back together as a family without a full time father, husband, and provider. I am firmly confident the Redskins had a hand in healing a few broken hearts, too.

Theismann, Mosley, Riggins, Jacoby, the Hogs, Gibbs, The Fun Bunch including the Redskins’ wide receivers Art Monk, Virgil Seay, Charlie Brown, Gary Clark, and Alvin Garrett, and tight ends Rick Walker, and Don Warren. Super Bowl Champions. Sunday became Church, Chicken, and The Washington Redskins. 

Good times.

I liked the RedSkins, too. Not only because my mother adored them, but because the Redskins reminded me of my great-grandmother who was part Cherokee and my grandfather who firmly believed he was a decedent of Pocahontas.

I could never begin to imagine what my ancestors suffered, but I know they would probably feel a sense of honor representing a sport that makes Legends out of ordinary men, brings people together, puts a fire in the belly and a smile on the face of every Redskin fan that ever was and ever will be.

To remove a name because a small majority of people who suffer from a degenerative disease called Imoffendeditis would be Unfair and Unjust. I have read that there those who are not even able to utter the name. They have gone off the deep end. This is a tragedy since the disease has firmly take over their host turing them into political pundits who are convinced they know better how to live your life than you.

The only known cure for Imoffendeditis at the moment is for the diseased individuals to practice removing their self-centered, self-righteous hooks from Washington Redskin Fans and find a meditation practice that teaches one how to be less self-imposing sanctimonious, elitist asshole.

What if PETA come forward and wanted Chicago to dump the Bears name for a word less offensive to animals. Bears are being exploited for God’s sake! Now, never mind a bear does not know it is a bear. What if, and open you minds real wide here, what if the word ‘Bear’ in bear language meant ‘she who is a bad mother’? Oh, hell no! We can’t have female bears develop low self-esteem.

Chicago – Start Looking For A New Name. I would suggest – The Chicago Carrots. Well, then Vegans might get upset. Vegetables are people, too – you know. The Patriots are offending the Communists in this country and they are probably racist – so Watch Out New England.

In the Meantime …

Hail To The Redskins – Hail Victory!

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