Letter From Mother Nature

Letter From Mother Nature

            I sent an earth mail to Mother Nature in hopes she could relieve some anxiety over the authenticity of my current religion, Global Cooling Warming Climate Change Disruption. I have included my request and her correspondence: 

Dear Mother Nature,

            Due to some unfortunate events in the news lately, I have recently been questioning the truth of my religion. I want to know if it is real or a figment of Liberal imagination. I am devastated that I may have left my soul at the altar of a fabricated belief. Please tell me Global Cooling, I mean Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, I mean Global Climate Disruption is real!

Your Biggest Fan,



Mother Nature’s Response

Dear Penocea,

            Your current religion of global cooling warming climate change disruption is a touchy subject with me. As Mother Nature, I find those who promote false statements in my name condescendingly, reprehensively nauseating. They are the fascists of the new millennium who manipulate the truth to promote a ridiculous faith based on an unprincipled science. Their philosophy taps into man’s ever-present sense of guilt for breathing in and breathing out. 

            These self-ordained Environment Priests spew doctrine believing flatulence a sin and preach the need for mass sterilization as an answer to population control. Why do you think I created diseases, mudslides, earthquakes, blizzards, volcanoes, hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, floods, and Vodka?

            Progressives, ha! They over-step their usefulness and stifle the authentic experience of a life lived intentionally.

            Their dishonesty knows no bounds. They claim to love humanity. The truth is, these self-righteous pompous morons despise mankind. Believing, get this, that man is a piece of clay, of the less organic variety of course, in need of being shaped, molded and re-created into a brainless talking piece for the far-left.  

            They will not let mankind be. In the meantime, they call themselves the ‘compassionate ones’. Compassionate my astral projection. Don’t even get me started on Liberal-Progressive hypocrisy.  

            In addition, they regurgitate over and over the malformed attitude that mankind can be perfected upon from the outside in. Their ridicule and derision of man’s innate nature gets me so hot I could melt an Iceberg. Damn it! There goes one now.

            Now, where was I? Oh, yes.

            Do you want to know if global climate disruption is real? Reason it out for yourself, Penocea for I am no Politician who would preach to you of selflessness, sacrifice, and service, while I watch you forsake your true purpose and identity. Or, dictate to you how you should live your life according to some utopian philosophy based on an elitist’s desire to reshape you into a collective image void of character, diversity, discernment or intentional deliberation. 

            Being who you are, and not what someone believes you should be, is the virtue of authenticity.

            If I wanted you to live as an ant, wagons hitched to each other, collective and sacrificial, I would have made you sterile and asexual. Of course, it can still be arranged with America’s monstrosity of a Health Care Law.     

            You would think, me being Mother Nature and all, I would be a patron of this new climate change religion. I might have given it a chance except for the fact that Progressives make up a majority of the Congregation.

How do you profess to hold ALL life sacred (trees, polar bears, algae) and fight for the right to kill your unborn children? All Life Matters. 

Now, you may also wonder what Liberal/Progressive leaders and their idealism have to do with Me and My very poor opinion of them. Visit Detroit, MI and see what Liberalism and the Socialist ideal has done to the soul of that once fair majestic place and you will understand the meaning of a ‘Proverbial Wasteland’. 

               Now I, Mother Nature, thrive on exceptionalism, Penocea. I appreciate more the single flower that grows under the harshest of conditions to reveal the final beauty of her struggle than to see a bed of flowers unchallenged and raised under the most ideal of circumstances. Utopia, my friend, is a nice place to visit while in the comfort of reality, but that is all. Nothing can exist there. Nothing ever has. 

            Give me the character of a woman who has suffered through both trials and misfortunes and emerges undefeated, in possession of a strong sense of self and the Infinite, and I shall give her the beauty of the Universe.

            Now, for those empty souls dependent on and dominated by a collective ideology inspired by a community organizer who believes their individual salvation depends on a collective one, I shall give them a communal landfill. For, there is no stench more repulsive than the odor of collective desperation. 

            If you can uncover the fact that you were not born to live your life based on some one’s philosophy of how you should live your life and that a creative woman is one that questions and at times disagrees with the self-imposed dictators and community organizers of the world, then you shall reach a truth more solid than a religion based on a manipulative science preached to you by intellectual nincompoops. 

            I do hope this helps. I must remind you, if your belief in the pseudo-science of global warming helps you to find a deeper meaning and truth within your own heart that expands your life separate from the echoes of others, then Green it is. However, remember this. Once your truth imposes itself upon another’s through treachery, coercion, savagery and lies, you cease your involvement with enlightenment. 

PS.  I sent you metamorphosis resting upon the cause of humanities downfall. You’re Welcome.


The Mother Nature

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