New York Times Fan Open Letter to Boston Bomber

As a HUGE fan of the New York Times, I am here to defend the organization’s beliefs in protecting you, Boston Bomber, from the Rest of America who will cast judgment upon you for your destructive performance in Boston, Massachusetts, on the morning of April 15, 2013.

Love us, oh tormented one, for we love you. We are the syndication who treats law abiding gun owners like criminals. We ridicule and revile those who believe life begins at conception.  We HATE any American who promotes self-accountability, industry, and independence. Kill a child and Adults, blow the body parts off of hundreds, force thousands to change their lives in the most dramatic and unfortunate way, create fear and terror in the hearts of millions and you shall be embraced. You shall be commiserated. We do not blame you. You are not at fault although this can be considered a hate crime against Americans.

Blame will fall on the victims who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They should have been protesting the NRA. They should have been pushing to legalize partial birth abortions. They should have been brainwahsing young adults on the effects of Global Cooling, I mean Global Warming, wait – Climate Change … no … ur, Global Climate Distruption or whatever the hell they are calling it these days. Your hatred is not your own. You did not get here all by yourself … someone else made that happen. America made you into a monster. America is to blame.

Perhaps it was your hatred for America that led you to permanently alter the lives of thousands who were only trying to fulfill a lifelong dream. We know that trying to fit it can be tough and destroying the lives of individuals who trained for months, perhaps years, enduring pain and agony to even be able to participate in a highly celebrated event is the only way to express yourself. We understand. We hate America and the idiots who call this place home as much as you do, if not more.

We like to blame our hatred on Right Wing activists so if you want to blame them for the way your life turned out, be our guest. It has been very successful so far. Since we do not hold ourselves accountable for our own hatred and intolereance we certainly will not hold you accountable for yours. Society creates man – remember – wink – wink, nudge – nudge.

We like to look at Hate as being someone else’s fault and I certainly will not hold myself accountable for my internal hatred created from the workings of my own mind just as I will not hold you at fault for wanting to kill an innocent child waiting with his mother and sister to see their hero father achieve something beautiful. Can you imagine if the child had lived, if there had been no bomb and a family went home that day with pride and joy in their hearts and celebrated life instead of mourning death by your hands? We had too many good people in the world anyway. No biggy.

I would write you a bad god awful poem but someone else already beat me to it.

Hate is the product of our society. Say it enough times and you start to believe it. Now, many may want to blame you personally for such pre-planned and strategic carnage, but I believe that is simply because they hold themselves accountable for how they feel and do not go around blaming others for their current circumstances, life choices and environment. We tried to blame the Boston bloodbath on Right Wing nut jobs, but, oh well ,maybe next time it will stick. The public is getting more idiotic by the minute so there is hope in future mass bombings.

Man does not create society. Well, technically he does but no one cares about the truth these days. Man does not get where he is on his own, someone else made that happen. We like to blame Right Wing Talk Show hosts, too. Some people like like to talk about how one’s inner Life will always be a reflection of one’s Outer Life, but that is complete Bullshit. We understand you did not have a choice, that society determined your actions and therefore you are not to blame for what came next because America is the cesspool of hell.

Yes, we are here to console you, Boston Bomber. And, even though you shattered the lives of so many who awoke that fine spring morning in pursuit of being a witness to love, passion, freedom and to cheer on the dreams of another who had no idea you were plotting to blow them to pieces, we sympathize with your plight.  You are a victim of your own hate and are not to be blamed. I am sure you have a very good reason for hating and killing Americans and we are looking forward to seeing you healthy and able to dismember others very soon. We hope you get better and pray to our All Mighty God, government, you have a rapid recovery.

Get Well Soon


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