The Politics of Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolution is to remove myself from the toxicity in Washington and among America’s politicians and take up a new more energizing and beneficial hobby. Possibly something creative and functional that can also be of benefit to my fellow Empaths.

In the meantime …

Quite honestly I am sick of all political parties. They have become a foul taste in my mouth and an ulcer in my belly and I am through with the lot of them. I find it more and more ironic how Democrats will blame Republicans – Republicans will blame the Democrats, the Libertarians hate them both and absolutely nothing gets done, nothing is accomplished accept more negative feelings and negative energy. Democrat – Republican – Libertarian- Conservative – Progressive – Whatever!

How about people in this country learn to trust themselves, bring yourself to awareness and refrain from waiting on Politicians who make too much money to solve your problems for you. I am not Anti-Government. I am Pro-Individual and the more government there is the less of you there will be. Think of it this way. You are a spiritual human being made up of dynamic vibrational energy. Washington is made up of a group of individuals with the same dynamic vibrational energy. The less energy you have the more Washington will have. The more energy you have, the less Washington will have. Energy does not disappear, it just gets relocated somewhere else. Sure they want your money, but they want your soul, too.

Believing Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for God is simply about marketing a product that has absolutely no value what so ever, no truth, no integrity, but we keep buying in to it. People who have no interest in politics, have no clue as to what is going on will fall back on the party that claims they are for Individual Liberty and Vaginas – meanwhile this same party tells you what to drink, how much to drink, what to eat, what to drive, how much money you should have, God is dead, farts cause hurricanes, and that Hollywood improves society.

Meanwhile we are minimized and divided on purpose. Sanctimonious as it sounds, I recently began meditating 30 minutes a day to help with stress. It is amazing how observation can lift veils of deception and make one see things for what they really are. It is quite painful on a personal level and rather liberating on a political level.

Truth holds no bias, is not opinionated and can express a love for ALL things. It does not divide between the 1%, the 99%, the 47% or the 53%. No political party is interested in the Truth these days, only exploiting a political agenda that will not end well for “We the People”. And, it will be a complete disaster for The Individual spirit who seeks guidance through inner faith, trust through a higher self- God and a spirit guide with a lisp named Thagon.

As I continue to transform and seek out the best part of myself,  I can only anticipate my observations will spill over to the outer world and will wish and pray for its transformation as well. No one likes liars and the more truthful we are to ourselves, the more intolerable of the untruths we will accept in others.

May peace find you happy – love find you accepting – and honesty find you good friends.

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