My Christmas Prayer for the Democrats

My daily meditation practice has led me to say a little prayer before each session to help remind me what I wish for in myself is what I should wish for in my enemies. Consistency matters.  I am what the world is. So, on this Christmas morning I decided to share with you a prayer for the Democrat Party. Read In Peace.

May the Democrats be well, happy and truthful. May no harm come to them. May they always show love, protection, and fairness for ALL life – from the 1% to the 99%. May they always rise above their bitterness, greed, stupidity, oppression, and nepotism.  May they also show compassion and love for ALL Americans from the unborn in their earliest stages of development to the filthy rich adult developing their own land, business or fortune who prays to God and not government.

May the Democrats learn to accept that every individual is a powerful spiritual being with the potential to create for themselves. May they also come to recognize the equal power in self-destruction and by blaming guns & society for man’s faults will not change or improve his malevolent nature.  A stone can be polished on the outside, but remain unchanged on the inside.

May the Democrats finally find solutions rather than blaming America’s problems on Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians. That is the behavior of a 6 year old and not of an adult. Please remove the binky and proceed to find the remedy most rational people find when faced with challenges. Debt is neither good or attractive so please refrain from trying to make it so. No spiritual leader in history ever stressed the benefits of having a millstone around ones neck.

May the Democrats come to acknowledge there is nothing wrong or ridiculous with believing in something other than government. Faith is a beautiful and power thing. May they end their war on God and cease promoting government as some permanent entity that is fair , just, and compassionate. Nothing could be further from the truth. All things pass away except God. Speaking of God, may all Democrats promote Truth above their own opinion and bias. You cannot be all inclusive if you hate others based exclusively on what they believe. 

May the Democrats give up the power to control people under the pretense of compassion. Cut the umbilical cord and allow your voters access to the Tree of Knowledge. Do not keep them in ignorance for your own selfish gains. Teach your sheep how to handle diversity through self-comprehension and end your desire to control every human being through the pseudo-science of Global Cooling Warming Climate Change Disruption. Leave the guilt trips to the parents and priests.

How do you teach people they are not responsible for their life choices, their circumstances yet are the cause of hurricanes, heat waves, blizzards, and floods? Blaming people for their garbage, but not their indolence will not solve America’s problems. It will only make things worse.

May the Democrats allow their followers to have their own voice without fear of being rejected, demeaned, debased and humiliated before the Liberal Progressive congregation. No one deserves to be called a Racist when there is no truth in such devious and harmful accusations. May you gain the wisdom to loose an argument gracefully without resorting to name calling and stupid riddles.   

That is not the way of peace, compassion or love. It certainly is not the way of TRUTH. Show people you have the decency to accept the diversity of thought and allow them to live out their life that is in tandem to their true nature and not the nature of Democrat Doctrine. 

Personal Liberty is not Anti-Government – It is Pro-Authenticity.

And, finally. May the Democrats come to recognize the outer spirit is a reflection of the inner spirit. What we are, the world is.

James Allen wrote,

“If circumstances had the power to bless or harm, they would bless and harm all men alike, but the fact that the same circumstances will be alike good and bad to different souls proves that the good or bad is not in the circumstances, but only in the mind of him that encounters it.”

Circumstances do not make the individual, it reveals him to himself. Society will not improve until an individual improves himself. Please allow your people to find out what they are made of and end your Cloak of Oppression in the name of Compassion.

To Every Democrat, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May Peace and Love and Understanding for Every American Be with you – and not just the ones who agree with your ideologies(untruths).

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