How to prevent another Newtown

Illegalizing drugs did not cure the addict or the criminal. We banned alcohol and looked how well that turned out in America. Do we profile young isolated white men with very little friends who spend hours gaming covered head to toe in black clothing? Do we arm the teachers and hire security for every school? Do we impose more gun control, less gun control? Most shootings occur in gun free zones where those hell bent on taking their anger out on their fellow human beings are defenseless.

This should never happen again, but the worst mass murder of American children happened by Flavor-aid in the 70’s and a bomb in the 1920’s. Want to blame Mental illness? Good luck with that.

Every time someone disagrees with our President they are called racist. Every time a group of individuals say they want smaller government, there is another group accusing them of wanting people to starve. The air in this country is so toxic and contaminated with bitterness, hatred, and anger encouraged by political leaders, pundits, activists and people with nothing better to do than take rights away from their fellow American citizens that it will to take years to uncover the truth and by then, more children will be the target of madmen or women – we have to give the females equal evilness here, too.

If you strapped a bomb to a Golden Retriever and sent him into a building full of people and the bomb was detonated killing hundreds by your own hand and devious planning, would you be relieved to know that America blamed the dog and you were the victim of the dog’s gullibility and loyal nature because he did what you instructed him to do?

It is about time the adults started taking responsibility about what is happening in this country. The solution is as complex as the problem, but if we start with ourselves and ask how we individually contribute to such horrendous acts of horror and violence inflicted on our innocent, maybe the solution will come. It is good we are having this conversation. But, some of the solutions make no sense.

I read that one of the children who escaped by playing dead described the murderer as being ‘very mad – very angry’. Where does anger come from? Does it come from a gun? Close your eyes for a minute and take a few deep breaths. If we are going to find a solution, we must first look at the cause and to do that we have to step back from our own opinions and prejudice. If we really want to seek the truth then we must first let go of our Egos. Truth holds no preference and shatters illusions of bias perceptions.

My concern is the tendency to blame guns while ignoring the individual. The problem is within us. I do not understand why we blame inanimate objects that have no emotion, no political agenda, no religious affiliation and no opinions or bias yet we excuse the individual from any responsibility. In my last meditation session, we discussed how society (government planners) seem to think they can polish people into being good like a stone in running water, but like the stone that has been smoothed over time on the outside, the inside remains the same. Nothing has changed. You can work on an individual by taking their rights away, but that will not cure him from himself.

Society will never be able to prevent Sandy Hook from happening again. Man is flawed and no amount of government intervention will change him. You can take away guns and make more laws, Hell let us create another 1930’s Germany, but until every individual learns they have the power to create and destroy themselves and others and they choose creation instead, we will keep enduring tragedies. Some people will blame guns. Others will blame too many guns, not enough guns, video games and movies, abortion, mental health, the devil, and bullying. We have a problem and blaming guns will not solve it, in fact it makes things worse.

Adults are failing themselves in every way possible and we expect the children not to suffer? We are teaching our young to hate the 1%, the 47%, the 2%, the 99% and we wonder why there is hate and anger in the world. Why not teach to love them all? Peace will not come by demanding it of others and waiting for society to change while we spit vileness at one another. Peace, love, harmony comes from within and we will never change the world unless we change ourselves.

And, where is God? I know we have a few individuals in this country who try very hard at making the invisible appear ridiculous while shaming people into believing in government over a personal relationship with the divine. We are powerful spiritual beings and it is about time we began to act like it. We don’t have to believe in God or the invisible to be a good decent person, but it would be nice if we would leave those who find solace in Spiritual things alone.

Individually, have the capacity to feel love just as we have the ability to feel hate; peace rather than anger; gratitude in place of bitterness. We also have a choice and should be held ultimately accountable for our thoughts, words, and deeds. When we blame inanimate objects for an individual’s hatred and anger, we have given the next person with the same emotions a ticket to express themselves in the same manner without consequence. How can you hold people accountable for the weather (global warming), but not Mass Murder?

Some need more help than others. Why are we not doing our part to help them?

The concept that government or community planners can create a better person is insane and dangerous. Society can only polish the person from the outside. What is essential is on the inside and only an individual has the power to change themselves. This is not Anti-Government. This is Pro-Individual.

Americans are amazing people. They are freedom loving, compassionate and peaceful for the most part. I believe the solution to preventing another Newtown is within each and every one of us, but until we look at the real cause, we will never find the remedy. And, until we change ourselves on a personal level through voluntary means with an emphasis on Mindful consciousness, we will never change society and will never be able to prevent another Sandy Hook. Utopia, it is a nice dream, but hardly realistic.

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