No-Win Situation for the UN on Climate Change

The climate chief to the United Nations, Christiana Figueres, recently made a profoundly Conservative and Libertarian observation by stating, “Each one of us needs to assume responsibility” with regard to Climate Change. Honesty, I am not a big fan of organized religion so the pseudo-science of climate change rarely has me agreeing with the Weather Priests of the UN. However, I find their revelation on individual responsibility to be ironic since their success and power is dependent upon the individually thoughtless and indolent.

And, here we are.

I have been saying for years that if you are going to tell people they are not responsible for their poverty, you cannot expect them to be responsible for their garbage. If people believe their life circumstances are the result of other people’s selfishness – i.e. rich people, they will also believe other people are responsible for other things such as – oh I don’t know – the health and wellness of the Earth.

If each and every abled bodied and able minded Global Citizen assumed responsibility for their life and practiced a little self-governance and self-respect, would we be headed toward collective and environmental ruin? In America alone, would the Democrats even admit to such a Conservative ideal if it meant a healthy Earth? I am convinced NOT since power over the individual trumps individual empowerment.

The very philosophy that society creates man’s consciousness has destroyed the consciousness of man. How could it not? When we teach individuals to depend on government and central planners for their livelihood, self-esteem and faith we take away the knowledge that man is the creator of his own life completely responsible for his greatness and his faults. His circumstances may not be completely his own, but they make up a very large portion of his current situation.

Blaming an individual’s lot on selfish rich people and Republicans destroys man’s character by removing personal responsibility and replacing it with unaccountability, bitterness, and envy. This is done on purpose.

Now, I know this ideology is empowered and facilitated by a Social Justice society convinced they are entitled to other people’s money, time and effort. Individual conscientiousness takes strength, time, and determination. But, who wants to work hard at anything when they do not have to and when we have a governing body that rewards the ‘thoughtless, ignorant, and indolent’ while punishing the thoughtfully conscious and industrious?

There is a belief that a person’s outer environment is in constant harmony with his mental environment. If his thoughts envelope visions of love, gratitude, prosperity, and forgiveness then his outer vision, while maintaining balance and synchronicity, would reflect the same. Therefore, if he is bitter, envious, ungracious, and self-loathing, the immediate society he finds himself would be identical to his mental deliberations.

God forbid individuals become completely aware of themselves and their environment awakened to the idea they are made and unmade by themselves. No government regime, community organizer, or central planning committee combined has the power of one individual endowed with the belief in himself and complete faith in his own faculties. Now, I know President Obama believes one does not get where there are on their own because someone else made that happen. But, he is wrong.

I am where I am because I put myself here. If I am miserable, ungracious, bitter, unhappy, and hateful it is because I have made a conscious and deliberate effort to be so. At any moment I can change my environment by changing my mind. There is a constant striving of balance and reconciliation with regard to our inner environment with our outer environment. It is what the Earth does and since humans are made up of the same elements of the Earth would we not mimic her traits?

James Allen wrote in the Mastery of Destiny,

We each find ourselves involved in the train of causation. Our lives are made up of causes and effects. It is both a sowing and a reaping. Each act of ours is a cause which must be balanced by its effects. We choose the cause (this is Free Will), we cannot choose, alter, or avert the effect (this is Fate); thus destiny is involvement in effects.

It is therefore true that each man and women is predestined to certain ends, but they themselves have (though they know it not) issued the mandate; that good or evil thing from which there is no escape, we have, by our own deeds, brought about.”

A harsh lesson to be sure. No one wants to be held accountable for having manifested their current circumstances and no one really needs to when we are told we can blame all our problems on Republicans.

If the UN wants the citizens of the Earth to behave in a more responsible manner, then the mentality of a governing body convinced individuals are incapable of self-governance and in need of constant want and attention will have to change. But, that is not going to happen. You can’t mold people into your ideal if you give them free will and then give them the authority to blame their destiny and outcome on someone else.

In conclusion, if we want individuals to hold themselves accountable for their garbage, would it not be consistent and completely logical we should hold them responsible for their life choices as well? I know this sounds way too Libertarian or God forbid Conservative for most folks still trying to turn America into a country of Marxist principles, but it is what it is.

If you are going to tell people ‘to each according to his need’ then we must be prepared to accept that the individual’s needs do not include a healthy respect for Earth and themselves.

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