My Heart Vision for Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians

I grew up in a Conservative home. My twin sister and I were both dragged to church every Sunday by a Mother who could stare down a wolf pack and win. When we turned fourteen years old she made it very clear there would be no boys, no drinking and no disobedience. She was raising three children on her own and I respected her wishes. I waited until I was 800 miles away and 21 to discover sex, alcohol and nonconformity out of respect for her nerves.

Throughout the years, I have met some really incredible people from all shades, beliefs and backgrounds. Witches and warlocks, saints and sinners they have wondered in and out of my life like the seasons and I am grateful for knowing them.


I remember the first openly gay person of my acquaintance. She was a pretty dark haired girl with a quick wit and courage I will never be able to emulate. She was intelligent, kind and deserving of loves intensity. I would no more deny her right to marriage with an individual who brings her love and joy than deny myself. That would not be very fair and consistent.

I understand the argument against same sex marriage, but I cannot rationalize it enough to want to prevent it. I think most people in America believe in the mantra – “I don’t really care what you do, as long as you are not hurting anyone and I don’t have to pay for it.”


What mind with constant thoughts of love thought up this evil act? There is no way abortion should be a celebrated right as the Democrats will  happily promote. Most women do not agree with partial birth abortion and believe ALL life is sacred.

At the same time, if the argument is whether a woman should have a right to an abortion, then yes, a woman has that right. If we are going to be consistent with individual freedom and choice, we have to allow that abortion be a choice for women and find our voice in empowering them with an immense amount of self-comprehension instead. Women are the spiritual creators of human life, but we have been reduced to a voting block for the Democratic Party.

The culture we live in today is a sad one. We do whatever the hell we want and worry about the consequences later. Then when something like an unplanned pregnancy happens, we punish the unborn baby with death and force the general public to pay for it. You can’t get any more self-serving than that, oh women of the vagina costumes. Their lack of thoughtful consideration for the real issue is disappointing.

I do not believe in the act of abortion, but I do believe a woman has a right to it. I understand one cannot promote abortion while in the same breath acknowledge the sacredness of life. In my own heart, as I reconcile with the fraction and justify my symmetry with personal freedom and individual choice at the expense of an unborn child, I ask that all women begin a deep and abiding consciousness towards cherishing ALL life including the unborn.

I do however believe strongly that tax payers should in no way fund a women’s abortion or birth control. With Sex comes great responsibility. I love chocolate. Should I demand 20 year olds pay for my supply of Godiva Truffles and my stomach bypass surgery when things get out of hand?

But, until women and young girls are taught to respect themselves, their bodies and realize that most men only want to get their dick wet and will wipe it off without a backward glance, we will have a government and political party willing to encourage a woman’s soul suicide in order to advocate a political agenda just to make the Conservatives look ridiculous on the issue.


The 2012 elections may have deflated you, knocked you down, made you second guess, and started you thinking. It is tough when there is complete let down after so much hope and build up. If there is anyone that can overcome obstacles it would be the Conservatives and Libertarians. Improvise. Adjust. Overcome. Thank you Marines – Semper Fi.

Personalizing a little, you must feel the same way I did when I found my fiancé in bed with another woman.  Completely devastated, I found myself questioning everything and blaming everyone. Having sex with his best friend helped ease the pain a litte, but I was still left dazed with the lies, betrayal, and faulty judgment. Dante is right in his reference to The Divine Comedy; the lowest pit of hell should be reserved for traitors.

I actually prefer the Conservative message of limited government, economic freedom, and self-governance. Within that message is the individual. It makes sense and it is more attractive than the Progressive transmission of big government, shared sacrifice, social justice, collective living, invariable mediocrity, poverty and debt. Both parties can seem so contradictory at times though. But, if you are going to compete with lying sacks of shit you must be consistent in your message. Free will means choice and consequence. Allow the people their choice, but remind them of the consequence.

Democrats fail at understanding the cause and effect of things. They look at their surroundings and blame Bush, the prosperous, the pious and the lucid because they have a political party that says, “You are not responsible for your hatred, poverty, or lack of character – only climate change”.

James Allen speaks directly to the Democratic Party in As A Man Thinketh titled Vision and Ideals when he says,

“The thoughtless, the ignorant, and the indolent, seeing only the apparent effects of things and not the things themselves, talk of luck, of fortune, and chance. Seeing a man grown rich, they say, “How lucky he is!” The do not see the trials, failures and struggles which these men have voluntarily encountered in order to gain their experience. They have no knowledge of the sacrifices these men have made, of undaunted efforts they have put forth, of the faith they have exercised, that they might overcome the apparently insurmountable, and realize the Vision of their heart.”


Remember the 1979 British film Monty Python’s Life of Brian when Brian is being chased by an over exuberant mob? During the pursuit he loses his sandal and the mass of individuals stop to examine the footwear and its philosophic implications. Rather poignantly, they begin to split off and secularize finding different meanings with regard to the abandoned shoe. Let us try to focus and stay together with one purpose in mind – Individualism, American Free Will, Prosperity and Abundance.

The idea of creating a third, fourth, or fifth political party is completely silly when Conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans would do well to focus on economic freedom and individual liberty. The American people want policy choices, not more political factions. I am reminded of the French artist Jacques-Louis David. During 1770 and 1774, David was denied the Prix de Rome, an art scholarship to the French Academcy in Rome. DavidWhat is important is David he did not go out and create his own Academy of Art no matter how angry and frustrated he became with the establishment.

Instead, he worked at re-creating the one that already existed. Who goes to a sporting event to watch 3 teams compete at the same time? Monday Night Football featuring the Cowboys, Skins and Giants? Never going to happen. Duality is in our nature. Almond Joy’s got Nuts. Mounds Don’t.

The key is a securing the right values at the right time and to blend them harmoniously into a powerful message that will resonate, express sagacity, grow in desirability, be consistent and bring people together. How do we make personal accountability and economic freedom look young, sexy and ardent while appealing to the timeworn and battle weary? Can it be done? Can it overcome the current popularity of collective desperation, voluntary enslavement, deficiency, Godlessness and dishonesty?


As, for the youth vote, there is hope. When I reached my early twenties, I realized I had been lied to about the God forced upon me when I was young. I would never tell my mother what she believes is faulty in accordance with my own spiritual journey. Her faith and belief makes her one of the most beautiful women of my acquaintance.

But, her personal beliefs are not my own. My mother’s faith gave her the strength to raise three children on a salary of $230.00 a week. Her belief in God fed my ass and provided a roof over my head for 18 years and I am grateful for His influence. God has literally saved my life on several occasions, but that is a story for another day.

We do not give our youth enough credit to recognize what is fair and reasonable as opposed to what is manufactured, unnatural and dishonest. They may have been discouraged from independent thought about the need for big government and the evils of money, but I have every faith in their sense of what is natural and just. Why do you suppose they are being drawn more to the Libertarian movement which seems the fairest and most consistent of the political philosophies?

Eventually, we must all find our own path and no amount of false gods (climate change); scapegoats (the prosperous) and intolerance (difference of opinion) preached by intellectual nincompoops can restrain one from personal truth. No one can stop a young man or woman from the fervent need for self-discovery and individual significance. In what environment are individuals better able to spread their proverbial wings and fly than through an economically free society with upward mobility and social expansion?

Like the alchemist of old, may we find a blend and balance of the best parts of ourselves – Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians – and are able to create exactly what America needs to rebuild, restore, and rebound. This country is still made of decent, kind and hardworking people who in a few years will be just about fed up with being tired, poor, and stressed. I do realize that most people are anxious to improve their surroundings, but are less inclined to improve themselves.

Lao Tzu the Father of Taoism remarked,

“Conquering others requires force. Conquering oneself requires strength.”

If we are not individually strong enough to conquer ourselves, you better believe a vulture government will be more than willing to do it for us.

Now, as we all search for the legitimacy in our beliefs, keep in mind Real Truth is not biased and holds no opinion. Truth expresses a love for all things even in those who hold a different belief and view. Love and hate are always internal and we wrap others in the fashions of our own thoughts and judgments. As one cannot consciously breathe and think at the same time, one cannot love and hate simultaneously. Choose our thoughts and we choose our destiny. May America benefit from our unity.

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