Liberal Paradox on Racism

As an individualist, it may appear ironic to lump a group of people together and generalize based on the personality and behavior of a few. But, life is ironic and contradictory and to tell you the God’s honest truth I have little patience for hatred, dishonesty and impertinent arrogance from a group who claims to be for tolerance, love and truth.

Even more paradoxical is Liberal accusations of racism toward anyone who does not agree with them. Such recklessness and disregard for human progression is quite disappointing. But, then again, the tactic of a bully is not to win an argument based on truth or fact, but to intimidate and pester until they get their way.

Real Truth is not biased and holds no opinion. Real Truth is experienced by having a love for all things, for everyone no matter their philosophy, color, idealogy, culture, or religion. The Liberal truth is based upon an arrogant use of society. Guess what? All humans do that. It is what seperates us from the animal kingdom and why socialism only works for such species such as ants and bees. If you want to live like an ant, keep voting for Progressives Democrats.

I am not saying all Liberals or Democrats are racists, hateful and intolerant. That would contradict my own belief that everyone is unique and special unto themselves with gifts that can transform the world. But, I will estimate the actual percentage of Liberals whose natural instincts is to be unpleasant, intolerant, and condescendingly accusatory is over 73%. Not all Democrats are racists, but if you are a racists you are probably a Democrat.

There is a line from Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s The Little Prince that goes,

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”  

In my recent search for the story I found this site. James Dean reads the scene from the book between the Little Prince and the Fox and it is really good.


As a Spiritualist, I will argue that the physical body defines only about ten percent of who we are existentially. The other ninety percent is invisible to the eye made up of the Spirit, the Soul, Creative Thought, God, Christ (personal favorites), Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Infinite Energy or the Eternal Life Force – whatever makes you vibrate love.

Of the ten percent that make up man’s physical or material form, about sixteen percent is flesh in relation to body weight. From flesh, two percent of the bodies’ tissue is pigmentation; brown, black, beige, red, white, olive, yellow and pink. Synthetic green if you’re a Martian.

It seems to me that Liberals are hell bent on keeping the people of this country ignorant of the Spiritual truth and focused on the two percent of who we are as non-divine beings. Why do you think they insist on replacing God with Government and dictate to our children never to question Government actions?

In keeping people convinced the body does not ‘hum’ with primordial vibration and man is not made up of the same energy that flows infinitely throughout the Universe; the same dynamic force which first created life that Democrats seem hell bent on destroying even at 23 weeks, they can focus on what is NOT essential or invisible – and that is the color of one’s skin. If that is not racist, I do not know what is.

I am convinced there is nothing more disgusting to a Liberal Democrat than to hear an individual speak of their inner strength and power and of faith and Love – in God and Christ and in themselves. That is what is essential. Their purpose, however, is to make the invisible appear unimportant or even more tragic a clump of meaningless cells to be disgarded without a backward glance.

Have you noticed Liberal Democrats will insert the word ‘Racist’ as often as possible to promote a false narrative? This helps to distract from the more important issues and keeps the political atmosphere toxic and confusing. No one wants to be alone in their beliefs – especially the Democrats and their own prejudices towards anyone with a mind of their own.

Only a racist would sit upon judgment of another. The truth is, we can only relate to others how we feel about ourselves and a man or woman who is a racist will see everyone around them as a racist. Also works for those who are intolerant, judgemental, and unfaithful.

The process in which a person unconsciously redirects their own feelings about themselves, people, places and things onto another is called transference. Every have your cheating lover accuse you of the very thing they have done. Happens all the time. You can not convince me in anyway possible it does not work the same for racists or the Intolerables.

Well, it really does take one to know one, although Liberal transference seems rather erratic and inconsistent shooting off accusations with no real clear evidence to the contrary and making a target of anyone in their way.

The truth is, we all discriminate. It is in our nature. The dishonestly is in calling all forms of discrimination based on ideological and philosophical differences – RACISM. That is a unfortunate because it deminishes the real dumb asses who see the color of a person’s skin as the totality of that devinely created individual.

Be The Cranberry.

In An Unknown Woman, author Alice Keller expresses a philosophical comparison using cranberries. The essence of choice and discernment is sincere. Some people love cranberries, some would rather eat worms than partake in the tart fruit. Hello.

But, if one is to believe nature would never prolong a mistake must also agree that the primordial cranberry symbolizes perfection. And, then one would also have to conclude that even when an individual discriminates against a cranberry, it does not make the edible red embellishment any less perfect than if it was adored. But, then again. The Cranberry holds no opinion or bias of itself or others and does not hold me in contempt for my dislike of it. The Cranberry does not compare itself to other fruits or veggies but lives with one philosophy in mind. It Is What It Is.

There are individuals on both sides of the political divide that judge a person based on the color of their skin. But, I go back to the Little Prince and the Fox and feel very sorry for their ignorance and sightlessness. Judgement causes all kinds of health issues and may even cause cancer. When we cease to sit upon judgement of ourselves, we will end our judgement of others. Only through contiuned mindfulness can one a achieve freedom from the importance of one’s own personal opinion and bias – leaving the ego behind and the cause of most of our suffering.

I find it ironic that the same groups of individuals who accuse the Spiritualists of racism will in the same breath refute that which is invisible (the content of character). At the same time, they direct their focus on what is apparent to the eye and that is the color of one’s skin.

The paradox of Liberal Democrat racism is unfortunate. Their misguided hate for an injustice that only exists in their own subconscious mind is not good for their body, their mind or their soul. I may suggest ten minutes a day in deep meditation. A calming focus on love and tolerance for those who look and think differently can do wonders toward healing buried feelings of racism and intolerance towards others and reconcile with the need to not be alone in their own misery.

James Allen wrote in The Path to Prosperity –

If thou wouldest right the world, and banish all the evils and its woes, make its wild places bloom, and its drear deserts blossom as the rose, – then right thyself.

The sooner we begin to right ourselves on an individual and personal level, the better off America will be.

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