Open Letter to Pennsylvania Voters

I will not pretend to understand you. I speak with many Pennsylvanians on a daily basis and have to say I am impressed with your condescension for southern people and comprehension of reality. You may very well carry the 2012 elections which should make you feel much more superior than you already think you are. Your vote is important, but I think you know this and take great satisfaction in it.

You have a choice November 6 between our current sitting President, Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney. Who will you choose as your next president? Maybe you have already decided. Maybe you have already voted. Maybe, you are waiting for something to influence your decision one way or the other.

My husband, who I will refer to as ‘Lou’,  has voted Democrat since he was old enough to vote. Clinton – Gore – Obama. He hates politics and since I have become fully involved – with much regret, I am only given 10 minutes a day to rant about it to him.

Honestly, we were both set to Vote for President Obama in 2008. From what was being fed by the news media to the masses, he seemed a decent fellow and I concluded he would do the job tolerably well. I had a strong feeling he was going to win anyway and my vote would be pretty historic. The first President with a close African lineage seemed rather magnificent and exciting. I was not the only one obviously.

But, then President Obama, with only a few weeks before the elections, admitted to believing in the concept of ‘spreading the wealth around’. And, then I was reminded of Karl Marx who said, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” This prompted me to remember Sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson, who stated during an interview at Harvard Universi­ty,

“The behavior of the individual social insect evolved with reference to what it contributes to the community, whereas the genetic fitness of a human being depends on how well it can individually use the society… Karl Marx was right, socialism works, it is just that he had the wrong species”.

I am not an ANT nor do I have any desire to be socially connected to a collective insect. Existentially speaking, a communal society is not an ideal existence for any individual impressed with the concept that man is made or unmade by himself and that he is the creator of his own life seperate from the dictates of others. But, I digress.

Now, I am not going to go into whether President Obama is a Capitalist, Socialist or Marxist. Pennsylvanians have much bigger brains than most Americans so I am sure you can reason that argument out for yourself. I would like to recapture what I had begun earlier with Lou being a lifelong Democrat.

It may shock you to know Lou will be switching his vote from Obama to Mitt Romney come November 6, 2012.

Lou did not come by his decision lightly. He does not like change and pretty much a creature of habit. I am sure I may have had a tiny bit of influence on his decision, but he is an individual who is not easily swayed and refers to his own counsel when making important decisions. I am also sure this is where most Pennsylvanians can relate.

What has changed his mind? He really will not elaborate. I get the feeling Leadership and an ability to get along well with others may weigh heavy on his decision. Who among you does not admire such skills in any endeavor? Would you not find it important that these abilities should be present in the President of the United States of America?

Mitt Romney may not be the perfect candidate for a man like Lou who has always voted Democrat during Presidential elections and has been rather pleased in the aftermath of his decisions. But, Romney is a better choice than someone like President Obama who seems more equipped at leading from a golf course and to an idealogical wing of the Democratic party that believes success is the result of governemnt and individuals are the product of their society.

Mitt Romney displays dedication and discipline who is ready to work for America to put America back to work. I have been impressed with Romney on several issues but one in particular is his lack of the phrase, “I will be inheriting a mess.” If he wins this election it is pretty much guaranteed he will be.

But, that is what Romney does, he turns things around. He has a proven track record of doing this. President Obama still reverts back to “I inherited a mess’ and we are still in a mess after four years of his inheriting a mess. All talk no action. President Obama is ready to play more golf and not be bothered with the details. He had four years. It is time for Real Change.

If you are in a relationship going nowhere and you have been disappointed over and over again, lied to repeadedly and treated like a child who does not know themselves well enough to comprehend their own environment, would you cut away the dead wood and look for love somewhere else or stay with a blind since of optimism that things are bound to get better? When did things ever get better when nothing changed to make it better?

Libertarians, I like you. Gary Johnson has good ideas and no chance in hell of winning this election. It would be great for the Republicans to embrace Libertarian candidates. But, that is another rant for another day.

Lou is a good man with an honest and faithful heart. He is a dedicated worker who has been working as a Temp for 6 weeks without a day off waiting for the company to hire him full time. They, of course, are waiting to see how this election plays out. Private Business owners want Mitt Romney.

My husband may also have another very good reason he is voting for Mitt Romney. Lou has a childhood friend who now serves in our military. They have been friends for a very long and took very different roads in life. Lou’s friend is a Navy Seal. Yes, I just went there. The only way we are going to find out the truth behind Benghazi is if President Obama and his conspirators are exposed and releaved of duty. If Obama is re-elected, we may never know the truth of what happened on 09/11/2012.

Lou will be mad as hell I am making an example of him, because again, he really hates the politics of just about anything. But, I feel it must be done. Divorce is not optimal of course, but neither is four more years of bitterness, division, downgrading and disappointment.

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