The Full Moon and the Elbow

When I was very young, my great grandmother would come visit for short periods of time. I remember her being quite old. She was half Cherokee and spoke little. I liked her. I remember when I was 7 or so I wanted to be a boy and I confessed this to my Granny because she seemed really wise and tolerant. She did not disappoint me. Instead of refuting my wish for change she told me a way I could become a boy. She said, ‘you must lay beneath the moon when it is full and at midnight – when there is nothing between you and its light and wisdom – kiss your elbow and say “I want to be a boy” and you will become a boy.’

I practiced kissing my elbow, but could never quite get to it and even if I could there was no way in hell I was sleeping alone outside at night. I decided courage was for people with very short arms and I would just have to put on bras and be a freaking girl for the rest of my life. Well, if I had managed to kiss my elbow at midnight under the watch of a full moon, I would be gay because I really love di.. Men.

The End

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