A Woman Voting For Mitt Romney Gives a Rebuttal to Idiots

If you would like to see something completely offensive toward women then I suggest clicking on the link provided by the Huffington Post titled: Funny Or Die: Selma Blair Is The Only Woman Voting For Mitt Romney.


Celebrities. They are the reason I invest more in books today. To me, the video managed to insult every female on the face of the planet by saying, “This is what we think of principled thoughtful women.” I fear these people do not understand, nor are they aware that women are more than the confined box they would like to keep us in.

Some women do not need a politician to inspire Hope and Change because they know that both can only come from within and not some government organization. Some women do not need politicians to help them pay for their birth control, abortions, self-esteem or livelihood.

What they (people in charge of offending women and painting them with a bucolic brush) fail to grasp with their intolerance and misogynistic view is that there are women voting for Mitt Romney who look or act nothing like the character in this video.

I am probably about to offend both sides of the ideological sphere, but here goes.

I am a woman voting for Mitt Romney who can fuck like a celebrated porn star and still have enough self-comprehension to put a damned condom on it. I can tell you this with complete honesty and to the best of my aging memory that I have never had sex with a man who did not help to inspire his own orgasm. And, if there ever comes a time that my husband appears lifeless during a performance of Backwards Cowgirl, I will assume he is, with much regret and sorrow, dead.

There are women who demand their partners share the chores and personally my house has never looked that clean or white as seen in this impertinent video. I am no Suzy Q homemaker.

I am a woman voting for Mitt Romney who has never worn a set of pearls around her neck – in fact I hate wearing jewelry unless it has a definite function. You can keep your oyster by product; I much prefer a labradorite gemstone pendant with the qualities of enhancing creativity, inspiration and harmony with others.

I am a woman voting for Mitt Romney who is grateful for her infertility. I never wanted children. Don’t get me wrong, I think babies are wonderful, beautiful and amazing. I feel adults should learn from children – they are the true gifts that teach us that a childlike response to everyday situations can save on heart attacks in the future.

But, babies grow up and start talking and then they want to carry on a conversation and most of the time I am not in the mood for one. With self-comprehension comes great responsibility. I decided when I was very young that I did not want children. I have never regretted my decision and I am quite confident I never will. To all you mothers out there – YOU HAVE MY ABSOLUTE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION.

I am a woman voting for Mitt Romney who enjoys Lucid Dreaming. My last experience was pretty frightening though. After becoming fully aware in my dream that I could do anything without consequence I decided that I wanted to fly. Things started out pretty well, flying cautiously at first and close to the ground.

As I flew over fields like a Hawk on the hunt I managed to reach greater and greater heights until I ended up landing on a thin branch jetting from the very top of a tall pine tree. The limb was a bit unstable causing me to lose my balance and focus and as I peered down at the ground far below me, I forgot I was in control or that I could even fly. I awoke in a panic and learned a very valuable lesson. Pines are not the best trees to land a human. Remember that kids.

There are women voting for Mitt Romney who do not need someone to level the playing field for them. There are women voting for Mitt Romney who are not binders – opps, I mean bitter and self-loathing and do not vote with their vaginas, but with an ardent passion for the health and wellness of their country.

They do not vote based on what is in it for them (we call that self-interest) but for the good of everyone, including men and unborn babies. There are women voting for Mitt Romney who are more concerned about Jobs, the Economy Stupid, the National Debt, Civility, and Individual Liberty.

Those voting with their vaginas are only concerned for themselves and what they can gleam from the American people. You want an example of the real war on women – Selective abortion of female babies.

Women were once considered the creators of Life – who held all Life as sacred. There is no strength greater than the spiritual energy that resonates in a woman who discovers the universe resides in her, and she is the inventor of her own life, responsible for her choices, her attitude, her greatness and her faults. How about we teach that to young women instead of telling them they should not be punished with a baby.

This Woman voting for Mitt Romney may not fit into some neat little package most on the Left would like to put me in, but they also fail to see all women as unique, thoughtful, exceptional individuals, but I am not surprised.

Forgetting politics for a moment – the human mind and heart cannot think and feel two opposing thoughts or feelings at the same time. It is impossible. Hate comes from the same source as love. Within. Ladies of every shade, culture, and background – which will you choose to bring forth and entertain?

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