The Snake and The Butterfly

She breathed in, she breathed out

Life it was, there was no doubt

She awoke each morning, fell asleep each night 

Praying for inspiration through natural delight

And, one day she found it on the head of a black snake

A yellow butterfly had landed and what beauty it did make

The gentlest of creatures upon the most feared of all

Nature chose to show her metamorphosis resting upon

the cause of humanities downfall

What does it mean, the philosopher begs

For a butterfly to rest upon a snake’s head

The snake did not move to chase it away

The butterfly content to rest for the day

The snake; the devil; beast of pain

Trial by fire; dependency reign.

Ruled by Saturn; exalted in fear

Oppression lies waiting for tyrannies sneer

Then along comes a creature free from such chains

That humanity has inspired to represent change

The color of sunshine on the wings of flight

To sit upon a throne of horror and fright

Contented and happy, unaware of the spin

That snakes are evil and the cause of sin

There is something to be said in thinking too much

Of good and evil; a whisper a touch

I watched a butterfly take flight

And a snake slither away

I thought to myself

Life it is, come what may

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