Why ‘Wake the F**K Up!’ And Voting for Obama are Incompatible.

I recently had the unfortunate experience of clicking on Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Wake the F**k Up’ takeoff of his popular skit “Go the F**k to Sleep”. In his latest rant, Jackson tells people to stop being politically lethargic and go out and vote for Obama. Honestly, I didn’t watch the whole thing because regurgitating my lunch is not my idea of a good time.

It seems to me that becoming self-aware and voting for President Obama again in November would be discordant and contrary in the least. Unless of course your purpose is to wake up and expect tax payers to pay for an Obama phone, Obama gas, Obama health care, Obama house, and Obama car, then I would say we are fully awake and delusional.

James Allen writes in The Path to Prosperity,

If thou wouldest right the world, And banish all the evils and its woes, Make its wild places bloom, And its drear deserts bloom as the rose, – Then right thyself.

If thou wouldest turn the world from its long captivity in sin, Restore all broken hearts, Slay grief, and let sweet consolation in, – Turn thou thyself.

If thou wouldest cure the world of its long sickness, end its grief and pain; Bring in all-healing Joy, And give to the afflicted rest again, – Then cure thyself.

If thou wouldest wake the world out of its dream of death and darkening strife Bring it to Love and Peace, And Light and brightness of immortal Life, – Wake thou thyself.

What does it mean to Wake the F**k UP? It means taking full responsibility of the Self as in self-governance, self-accountability, self-awareness, and self-esteem. It means not blaming other people for our circumstances and relying on a government regime or community organizer to pay for our life choices by confiscating other people’s money to compensation for our lack of it in the name of Social Justice. There is nothing Just about taking from one person what belongs to them and giving it to another to whom it does not belong. Even nature does not do things that way.

Yes America, Wake the F**k Up and realize with a deeper sense of personal awareness that society does not create man, but on the contrary, man creates society. We create ourselves and we are where we are as adult able-bodied beings because we put ourselves there through our own thoughts, character and actions.

Bask in the knowledge that we can change our life simply by changing how we think and know that two opposing thoughts cannot occupy the mind at the same time. Replace thoughts of Fear with Faith; Hate with Love; Sadness with Joy. Awake thyself and be free from a philosophy that proclaims you are a slave to your circumstances and a prisoner of other people’s selfishness. Wake the F**k Up America and do yourself and this country some good.  Voting for President Obama AGAIN will not change who you are or your life – only you have the power to do that. All Change begins from Within and works its way out to society. Your are the ripple, your are the cause and society is the effect.

So you see America, to Wake the F**k Up and vote for Obama would be counterproductive.

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