Peace Inside My Window, Peace Outside My Window

Calmness comes from trusting and believing in yourself and can only be realized by the individual. It will never come from an outside source. Not government or a Central Planning Committee, a community organizer or a collective group of individuals sitting around a communal table discussing how best to redistribute suffering.

Krishnamurti once wrote,

“What you are, the world is and without your transformation, their can be no transformation of the world”.

Peace begins within each individual with constant thoughts of love and compassion for everyone – even those that would do us injury or harm. Those who insult our religion, philosophy, our prophets and our Gods. Truth holds no opinion or bias and does not force itself on others.

Sometimes, personal transformation takes a leap of Faith, every time it takes courage. To believe in yourself that no matter what happens, you can handle it, begins the progress of enlightenment. Peace comes from within the individual and ripples outward to the world. 

It is well known that the human mind cannot occupy two opposing thoughts at the same time. Challenge yourself to focus and call attention to thoughts of love, peace, calm, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and joy. Peace within – peace without. It starts with the Individual.

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