What Mother Nature Can Teach Us About Wealth Redistribution

Binged, Googled, and Yahoo’d until my eyes hurt and yet, I could not find one example of Mother Nature taking from one animal what belonged to them and giving it to another animal to which it did not belong. I have concluded Nature never does things that way.

I am now convinced more than ever that President Obama and the Progressive philosophy on the redistribution of wealth is flawed, unnatural, and  unjust.

If Walt Disney made a film based on the Progressive idea of Social Justice and the lazy and unproductive animals demanded their Fair Share from the useful and industrious ones – this would be the fim’s last scene …

How’s that for a happy ending?

Does Mother Nature take from the ‘thoughtful, the careful, and the productive’ and give to the thoughtless, the careless and the lazy? Of course she does not so why would any human being with half an ounce of common sense believe that such a practice would be anything but a complete irreparable disaster for mankind? It is not Natural to reward those who do nothing to help secure their own survival and punish those who do. It is not even Just. It is a way to control personal achievement by centralizing government’s power over the individual.

If you are a thoughtful person with a keen eye and appreciation of and for Nature, you would reject the Progessives’s ideal of Wealth Redistribution as toxic and destructive to man’s existence. Unless of course your goal is to destroy mankind so as to leave Earth in peace, than you have no better friend than our dearest President and his destructive ideology.

I am all for personal Truth. You must individually discover your true nature at some point if you are to expand your life to the fullest. Someone focused on exalting their own happiness while supporting and encouraging the personal happiness of others through self-confidence and faith always attracts a life of absolute illumination.

However, once your truth imposes itself upon another’s through treachery, coercion, savagery and lies, you cease your involvement with enlightenment and become one of the oppressive people convinced they know what is best for everybody else. At that moment you earn the title of Sanctimonious Nincompoop or Progressive Liberal Democrat.

Convincing people they are entitled to other people’s money simply based on their circumstances is wrong, dangerous, and abnormal.  Telling people who are young healthy, prosperous and joyful they are dicriminating against those who are not creates bitterness, jealousy, hate, and anger. And, since the human mind can not occupy two opposing thoughts at the same time – love, gratitude, and joy are absent.

Is this done on purpose? Of course it is. Are we to suppose that anyone who encourages envy while discouraging personal optimism and self-improvement to not be for the improvement of mankind.

In a state of personal illumination where love is dominant and bitterness obsolete, the individual ceases to question their own worthiness and no longer looks to others for their value or the government their income. I am speaking to the able-bodied and able-minded here.

When men and women begin to truly believe they have the flexibility to change themselves, the ability to improve their surroundings, the strength and will to master their own consciousness, and the capacity to pursue their own destiny separate from the dictates of a suffocating government regime and central planning committee, it is only natural that an enlightened individual will follow.

One of the attributes that separates Mankind and the animal kingdom is our compassion for one another. For the government to express their distrust for the individual’s capacity for love and the concern of others is demoralizing. Encouraging people that government will provide for the masses is an abomination exposing a distrust of the individuals ability to be able to handle anything correctly according to intellectual dictates.

A vote for Wealth Redistribution, to me, is a vote for individual self destruction. We all have a choice. We have the freedom of mind to decide our fate. Free will was given as a gift, not a burden. If you find your life intolerable, you have the power within yourself to change it. If you are waiting on Society to save you, you will wait in vain for your salvation.

Government may convince you otherwise, for there is strenght in numbers. But, if you are able to stop for a moment and take a deep cleansing breath into the belly, you may realize that in order to change your environment, you must first change yourself through changing your mindset. No government regime or community organizer has this kind of power.

Mother Nature is not cruel, she is Just. Natural Law does not reward the unproductive at the expense of the industrious. The cruelty is in its opposite and the political factions that push such blatant dishonesty. I find it completely ironic the Liberals will say to the poor of the world, ‘You are not responsible for your poverty, but you are to blame for hurricanes, blizzards, volcanic erruptions, heat waves, draughts and floods – in other words – the pseudo-scientific religion of Climate Change.

How do you hold man accountable for their garbage, but not their personal choices? The political factions who can convince an individual that their poverty is the result of another’s selfishness, can assuredly convince the same mindless individual that a hurricane is due to taco farts.

Social Justice has never, to the best of my knowledge, ever succeeded in eradicating humanities faults and shortcomings without first destroying individual significance. Mother Nature would never acknowledge such a flawed and self-destructive philosophy. The Earth strives to Live, always.

America – will you?

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