The Thoughtless, The Ignorant, and The Indolent

It is said that “Calmness is the way we show that we are trusting in God.” At the moment however, I am feeling a bit nauseated over President Obama’s latest attack on individual accomplishment in his speech in Roanoke, VA stating, ”If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Not only is this an unjust comment, it is completely irrational and narrow-minded. But, I am not surprised. A person who only sees the world through effects will rarely stop to examine the cause. Such laziness abounds in this country of late and being fueled by a philosophy that rewards the ‘thoughtless and lazy’ while punishing the ‘thoughtful and industrious’.

James Allen wrote in As a Man Thinketh,

The thoughtless, the ignorant, and the indolent seeing only the apparent effects of things and not the things themselves, talk of luck, of fortune, and chance. Seeing a man grow rich, they say, “How lucky he is!” They do not see the trials and failures and struggles which these men have voluntarily encountered in order to gain their experience. They have no knowledge of the sacrifices these men have made, of the undaunted efforts they have put forth, of the faith they have exercised, that they might overcome the apparently insurmountable, and realize the Vision of their heart.

What poetry one must witness when they can step back for just a moment and gaze upon a man or a woman who has achieved their dream, their goal of success and see the path that led the individual to victory. It is a winding passage of great will and determination; of personal sacrifice and an unrelenting faith. For anyone to reduce such accomplishments to luck or chance is to reveal a narrow vision and sordid disrespect for individual achievement.

Government is not, nor has it ever been the creator of the Spiritual Energy that drives individual success. Government is not, nor will it ever be responsible for a man or woman’s personal discovery of faith and the practice of self-determination, perseverance and will.

President Obama’s unjust vision for individual accomplishment reveals a laziness that panders to the ‘thoughtless, the ignorant, and the indolent.’ This single-minded focus on effects and disregard for the origin of one’s success, I am afraid, is purposely done. Who needs a community organizer or a Central Planning Committee when man realizes that he can change his environment by changing his mind?

Men and women of America may be more than willing to improve their circumstances and hem and haw about their lot in life, but they lack the will or energy necessary to improve themselves. Enter Government and her promise to provide food, health care, birth control, self-control, cell phones, and self-esteem.

What confuses me the most is the paradox of the pseudo-science of Global Warming. Politicians tell the poor the reason for their current circumstances is because rich people have taken advantage of them and they are not responsible for their current social environment, it was someone else’s fault. But, no worries, Government is here to correct the injustice by taking away personal property rights and this nasty thing called individual ownership.

In the meantime, they blame the same poor for man-made Global Warming in the summer, Global Cooling in the winter, and Global Climate Disruption between seasons. If you do not hold people responsible for their life circumstances, how the hell do you hold them accountable for their garbage?

In the mind of such an individual, their garbage is the responsibility of someone else. Their problems are someone else’s fault.

James Allen in The Mastery of Destiny, where he states,

The law of “the survival of the fittest” is not based on cruelty, it is based on justice; it is one aspect of that divine equity which everywhere prevails. Vice is ‘beaten with many stripes”; if it were not so, how could virtue develop? The thoughtless and lazy cannot take precedence of, or stand equally with, the thoughtful and industrious.

Indeed, Justice! Not a warped view of Social Justice, but Authentic Justice. It has to be if anything is to survive.

I once read somewhere that Nature Uses – She is only concerned with what is useful and productive and what is not she discards without a backward glance at its demise. Do you believe man is any different from Earth’s other living organisms? Are we special in any way? Do you believe Mother Nature would look upon man’s uselessness with compassion and take from the productive and useful in order to advance more of the same un-productivity? Honestly, ask yourself – ‘how could anything survive’?

Do you believe what President Obama promises as ‘redistribution’ is Natural and Just? What Lioness would give up here rights and freedom to feed herself and her progeny to make friends with an Antelope based on an ideology separated from such selfish instincts as survival? Does the animal kingdom sit at a veggie filled communal table? Of course not!

Furthermore, nature would never take from this majestic creature her bounty after such a long hard battle to sustain her life and lay it at the feet of a resting Hyena who did nothing to help secure his. What a ridiculous notion. Nature is Just, after all. It must be if life is to continue.

Before you go judging me as being heartless with no compassion for the average poor – I was raised in poverty. My mother had to chase the rats away from my twin sister and I’s play pen when were were babies. We struggled even more when my father left. Growing up with a single parent who was stressed out all the time wondering where the next meal will come from can take a toll on a young childs self-esteem and image.

I came to realize at a very early age, life is not fair, kind, or easy. I also realized I could blame society for the hand I was dealt and wallow in self-pity and government assistance waiting for my circumstances to change without making any effort to change myself, or I could make better choices, work harder, and create a better life for myself. I was the creator of my own life and whether I succeeded or failed was really up to me.

Right choices, thoughtfulness, personal responsibility, usefulness and goodness maybe an overwhelming task to any individual convinced they are not to blame for their circumstances. But, if one were to make the effort to improve his or her inner life through confidence and faith, it is almost assured the improvement in the outer life will follow. It is not easy taking ownership of our, but waiting on politiicans to take things away from those who have worked hard to give to those who have done nothing is the beginning of the end in advancing humanity.

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