Government is a jealous God

The November 2012 elections decided whether America moved toward Government and away from God, or toward God and away from Government. All be warned – Government is a Jealous God. Whether you follow the teachings of  Buddha, Christ, Self, Gaia, Lao Tzu, Ra, Cosmic Consciousness, Nothingness, or Infinite Energy – Government will strain to find itself more superior than personal individual beliefs.

The Delegates of the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte not only exposed their quest to remove God, but in God’s place would be something ‘we can all belong to’ inducing the idea that God excludes and Government includes. There is nothing more engaging and all inclusive than God. There is nothing more unfair and exclusive than Governemnt.

The goal of the Obama administration or any governing body who sees that government should be central to man’s universe is to convince the masses that Hope and Change can only be delivered by outside influences, government institutions, and social organizations. I call it the politics of happiness which ironically, has been observed to keep people poorer and ignorant longer.

Maybe that is the goal of any all powerful Government. Mao loved his poor and blank citizens, too.

The opposing doctrine of thought would be to encourage men and women to experience Hope and Change through the freedom of individual confidence and faith whether in God or Self.

To some, God represents the individual’s spiritual relationship with divinity. But, you don’t have to believe in a God to feel a spiritual connection with something higher than your mortal self, which of course can only be experienced through the individual and not the collective.  One cannot be any more exclusive than that. You are your own creator. Your society is the result of what you have created. Your relationship with the divine, with nature, with yourself is an important one that should be protected – not eradicated.

Joseph Campbell, master of mythology, understood the danger of replacing the individual with the collective by stating in The Power of Myth,

“The best part of the western tradition has included a recognition and respect for the individual as a living entity. The function of society is to cultivate the individual. It is not the function of the individual to support society. When man is in the service of society, you have a monster state, and that’s what is threatening the world at this minute.”

When you slam a hammer down on someone’s thumb, who feels the pain? Is it the individual attached to the throbbing appendage or the collective society who gives witness to the event? Which of the two will give the sore thumb their undivided attention? Who will care most about the injury? And who will grieve and suffer the most if the thumb is not attended to properly and falls off from neglect?

If you answered the individual, then congratulate yourself for having a descent comprehension of reality. 

I was raised a Southern Baptist and saved at the age of nine. It was a sincere moment in my life. But, I am very tolerant and appreciate of many religions and philosophies. I find myself more spiritual than religious, less dogmatic preferring philosophical adaptability. I love God, Jesus, Buddha, The Tao and Trees – the Dogwood being my favorite.

I believe we all need to make a conscious effort to Recycle – and Save the Earth! It’s the only planet that has chocolate.

This idea put forth by Collectivists that Government will save you from yourself is so dangerous and fallible I do not even want to contemplate the horror of its outcome if left to fester in vulnerable American minds. Do not doubt government’s need and desire to wrestle power and influence away from anything that holds man’s undivided attention. Government is a Jealous God.

God is Truth. Government is Not. Man can find Truth through God by the principle of humility. Man will never find Truth in Government because it lacks humility in all things. James Allen wrote in The Way of Peace,

“There is one quality which preeminently distinguishes the man of Truth from the man of self, and that is humility. To be not only free from vanity, stubbornness and egotism, but to regard one’s own opinion as of no value, this indeed is true humility. He who is immersed in self regards his own opinion as Truth. Truth being unchangeable and eternal is independent of your opinion and of mine.”

We can depend on Government to promise Hope and deliver Change and truly believe they have the proficiency to provide that which only an individual has the capability of supplying. We can continue to feel bitter and angry at everyone and everything for our unhappiness and sense of injustice encouraged by our leaders in hopes of dividing this country.

Or, we can believe Hope is what happens when we begin to make up our minds to trust, have faith and believe in ourselves and understand Change is what happens when Hope becomes manifest.

No Government representative, administrative regime or community organizer has the power to deliver this kind of transformation; only the individual. And, through God, or understanding Self through experiencing Life, will we find peace and happiness; love and understanding; gratitude and thoughtfulness and ultimately – Truth.

When I was in my mid-twenties I questioned the Dogma of God and was rewarded with divine answers. Now, in my mid-forties, I question the Dogma of Government and will probably be rewarded with an Obama Drone Rocket – ODR (odor) – to the back of the head.

The difference is the Laws of God far exceeds and is more Just and Fair than the Laws of Man. Nature is not cruel, she is Just. Government is not Just – it is cruel.

God at least offers his beloved subjects free will, a choice, and a wonderful book on how to live rightly – it’s called the Bible. Hey, God is Pro-Choice!

The Government, however, needs their peasants to be poor, blank and in need of being organized, molded, and sacrificed for the good of society.

When I was about 26 years old I had a most strange and frightful spiritual experience. It haunts me a little to this day. At its conclusion I realized one very important thing and I do not say this lightly, for it was an exceedingly profound moment in my life –something those who wish for God’s exit and Government’s arrival need to know –

God Is Stronger.

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