Letter to America and Ann Romney

I recently came across a bitter letter to Ann Romney regarding her wealth and other people’s unfortunate circumstances. Below is my response to such animosity toward Mrs. Romney.

We all make different choices in life and I can honestly say I have no regrets. I figure that every decision I have made in my life has brought me to the very point I am at this moment – and I cannot regret this moment because that would be incredibly ungracious. Gratitude repudiates bitterness.

I was raised in poverty. My mother quit school after the 9th grade. My father worked at a young age to feed his mother and 3 siblings after my grandfather was sentenced to 10 years in prison for robbing a bank with an unloaded hand gun. It should become apparent I do not come from a long line of brilliant thinkers.

I had an awesome childhood.

In my early teens my father left my mother, my sister, my brother and I. Times were pretty hard. We would forage in the woods for fire wood in the winter to keep warm during Global Cooling. Poor Man’s Stew was a common meal. Recipe is simple – clean out your frig at the end of the week and put it in a pot with water to boil. Add salt and pepper to taste. During Global Warming we grew a little veggie garden to keep ourselves fed.

I had an awesome adolescence.

James Allen in The Path to Prosperity writes,

Perhaps the chains of poverty hang heavily upon you, and you are friendless and alone, and you long with an intense longing that your load may be lightened; but the load continues, … Perhaps you complain, you bewail your lot; you blame your birth, your parents, your employer, or the unjust Powers who have bestowed upon you so undeservedly poverty and hardship .. Cease your complaining and fretting; none of these things which you blame are the cause of your poverty; the cause is within yourself, and where the cause is, there is the remedy.

‘Where the cause is, there is the remedy.’ And, yet we are loathed to admit to ourselves we are where we are because we put ourselves there. Is it not easier to blame others for our poverty, misery, anger, jealousy and hate? How hard is it to look at our lives, and at times a complete train wreck and admit, ‘I am the problem and I am the solution’?

At my high school graduation, I listened to a speech given by then Lt. Gov. of Va Doug Wilder. It was about 35 minutes too long in my opinion, but the first 10 minutes were brilliant. He spoke about how one’s attitude in life was everything. It meant the difference between success and failure. I got it. Success was up to me. Failure was also up to me.

I am not a successful person in the monetary sense. I am pretty mediocre with an income of less than average. I have one goal in life and that is to live forever – So far, so good. I do not envy the rich their riches (employment), the attractive their beauty (eye candy), the comedians their wit (laughter reduces stress) because I benefit from their success. I want their success.

I have cleaned toilets for wealthy business owners, parked cars during college football games, and served hotdogs and pretzels to half-deaf NHRA fans during local drag racing events. I have done what I needed to do to avoid receiving any type of government assistance. I have worked 3 jobs at a time just to pay the bills and guess what?

I have had an awesome life.

I believe that if we rejoice in the fortunes of others we will only find the divine within ourselves.

I have an amazing Pagan friend named Sue. We differ very much when it comes to politics, but somehow our relationship works and we are better individuals for it. I am so appreciative of those with different thoughts and opinions than my own, yet are able to handle themselves in a loving gentle manner.

Sue recently introduced me to something called the Emoto’s Water Experiment which you can read more about here:  http://www.highexistence.com/water-experiment/. To sum up, the experiment concluded that thoughts have the power to transform the molecular structure of water.  Thoughts, words and prayers of Love form beautiful snowflake like crystals while thoughts, words and gibberish of hate form hideous images of cancer like cells.

The human body is made up of 60% water in relation to body weight so just imagine what your cells look like when you feel such animosity toward a woman like Ann Romney who simply made better choices in life than you did.  She married a man who appears to be honorable and charitable and happens to be really good at making money. I respect that. I rejoice at their good fortune.

It is said that if you can ‘order your thoughts, you can order your life’. So, I will conclude that it is impossible to have two opposing thoughts at the same time. Try it. Swap thoughts of bitterness with gratitude; hate with love, and replace Obama/Biden with Romney/Ryan this November. Your life and body may thank you for it.

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