The Politics of Vaginas

The very act of an abortion can be defined as the planned killing of an unborn child or the ending of life before it has completed its full potential. What other variety of intelligent life does that– intentionally destroys potential life on purpose? I am reminded of Soren Kierkegaard’s words of wisdom when he wrote,

“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of potential — for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints; possibility never.”

I understand Soren was not speaking of a woman’s careless act of having sex with losers and then getting knocked up with an unwanted pregnancy and choosing to destroy what they see as “punishment” and not possibility. President Obama and the Democratic party may endorse and rally such behavior, but the destruction of such potential, as in a developing human being, is really quite sad to me.

Worse yet, from the Weekly Standard, Democrats have made it clear that they “… strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay.” http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/democratic-platform-endorses-taxpayer-funded-abortions_651589.html

What if selfish female polar bears were promiscuous and had sex with male polar bears whose only goal was to get their dick wet and Mother Nature granted the females the right to abort their unborn cubs performed by Aardvarks because some female polar bears couldn’t keep their paws closed long enough to practice a little self-restraint and personal accountability and Mother Nature didn’t feel the female polar bear should be punished with an adorable polar bear cub like this one?

Polar Bear Cub

And, what if female polar bears could not pay for the act of destroying this adorable creature so Mother Nature made all the other animals pay for it through guilt, lies, and extortion. The Lion his mane. The Peacock her feathers. The Fox his fur. The Tortoise her shell. ‘Share the wealth you little creatures so Female Polar Bears won’t be punished with a baby.’

And, what if it the bloody remains of unborn polar bear cubs were fed to the sharks and the shark population continued to grow because more and more female polar bears were convinced they were the victims of The Conservative Buffalo who saw abortion as an atrocity and an impediment to the advancement of the animal kingdom and no one tells a female polar bear what they can do with their polar bear vaginas?

But, I digress.

Honestly, I never wanted to become pregnant or have children and I thank God every day for my infertility.

In my 20’s and early 30’s the knowledge that abortion was legal and an option was a bit of a comfort and may have led to some of my careless sexual behavior. I am grateful I never had to make the decision between pro-life, pro-death or adoption.

I feel if women were to stop listening to the rhetoric of both political parties for just a moment and maybe attend to the wisdom of the ancients they would hear wise female voices say, “Respect your body for it is your temple, believe in yourself when no one else will, self-respect is the best form of birth control and when all else fails, put a damned condom on it!”.

Then maybe abortion would become less of an issue for the Liberals who think they are for women by promoting the selective killing of unborn female babies paid for with other people’s money and Conservatives who think they are for women by trying to end a woman’s choice to it.

Women, we have a choice and it should never begin at the expense of another’s life.

Many ancients believed the soul enters through the pineal gland at 7 weeks – 49 days after conception. Consequently, the sex of the baby is also determined at this time. Do you really want to be responsible for destoyring the soul of a potential human being when it could have been prevented with a condom, birth control, a little self-esteem self-restraint and self-comprehension. Why are we not teaching women about consequences? We tell them their farts and SUV’s cause global cooling, er .. global warming, uhm .. Global Climate Change Disruption and their behavior needs to be regulated and modified to fit the dictates of the Climate Priests.

Does Pro-choice really begin at the expense of another’s life?

An abortion is what happens when no one loves you enough to see you take your first breath. Sorry little guy, you were an Inconvenient Truth.

Do we leave such decisions to the bureaucrats, politicians, religious leaders and tyrants? My hope, my vision,  is that all women, no matter their race, religion or philosophy, will rise above the chaos and political rhetoric and see that abortion is the most unnatural state of being and the worst atrocity ever invented by the human mind. Every woman knows in her heart, her spirit, that All life is sacred. You do not have to believe in Christ or God – only in yourself – to know this.

Ladies, we are better than this. We can rise above this.

I find it ironic when the wealthy want to keep more of their own money they are called SELFISH by the same people who would rather not be punished with a baby. Which act is more selfish – keeping more of your own money or aborting an unborn child because it is inconvenient to your life style?

Maybe, we can come to a point where compassion reigns and the sacred female holds abortion as a loathed necessity rather than a celebrated human right.  Maybe such unrequited selfishness and disregard for the ‘ardent sense of the potential’ will be a distant memory in American history along with the hideous Vagina Costume.

And, as the politics of vaginas fall away, may we ALL be relieved just a little and begin to talk about more important things that affects us all, whether one is in possession of a vagina or not, like celebrating the sacredness of all life. Until ALL life is valued, NO life will be valued.

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