The Ant and The Grasshopper

Ant, a hard working insect, checks the Farmer’s Almanac and finds her prediction for an exceptionally cold and snowy winter. She works diligently all summer, building a strong home and storing provisions in expectation of the harsh wintry weather to come.

She labors from sun up to sun down, through back aches, allergies, a summer cold, and several acute sinus infections to prepare for the bitter season ahead. She travels near and far, persevering through the pain and discomfort knowing reward, rest and recuperation lie ahead.

Only in America is personal industry, integrity and nobility honored and appreciated. Only in America is hard work, dedication and a strong sense of responsibility valued. Where else could an individual have the freedom to pursue abundance and prosperity through courage, fortitude and purpose? In what other Country do the people salute the efforts of individual accomplishment and personal accountability?

During the most difficult days, Ant recalls the many lessons her mother gave her on the attributes of duty and commitment. She remembers how her father, always the optimist, showed her that adversity was just another opportunity to reveal oneself through Perseverance, Faith (Thank You, Jesus), and Courage. We admire qualities like that in America. We celebrate qualities like that in America.

On an exceptionally hot August afternoon, Ant passes a frolicking Grasshopper who asks, “instead of working so hard, Anty Poo, why don’t you come and sing and play with me?”

Without hesitation, Ant responds, “Thank you for the offer, however, I am preparing for the winter to come which is predicted to be very cold, a harsh one to be sure.” Feeling affection for the green fellow, she adds, “If you would like, I could help you build a shelter of your own and we could gather food to prepare for the winter together? “

Grasshopper snorts unkindly at Ant saying, “Why it‘s global warming, you dumb ass, don’t you watch MSNBC? Besides, I voted for Obama, what could possibly go wrong?”

Grasshopper laughs cruelly at Ant, teasing her as he congratulates himself on being such a great sanctimonious intellectual, and sees no reason to bother about winter when food is abundant and the sun is high in the afternoon sky. Besides, it‘s freaking hot. “Get me a bead of water, somebody!”

Winter comes in like a lion. Low temperatures and blizzard like conditions break records around the world called Global Cooling. Ant, having prepared all summer during Global Warming, is warm and well fed. She is pleased that such hard work, dedication and resilience have paid off.

Grasshopper, cold and hungry after failing to find food on the snow coated ground, learns of Ants fortune. He calls the Editor of The New York Times and cries for retribution. He points out Ant is warm and well off while he is left to suffer without shelter, food or cable TV. 

State News Network and the Main Stream Media pick up the story and slam Ant for her selfishness, insensitivity and lack of compassion. Anderson Cooper interviews Grasshopper trembling with chill and hunger. They also conduct an interrogation of Ant, warm and cozy in her little home with shelves stocked with tasty provisions dominate in the background.

BronxZooCobra tweets Ants address and police are called in to protect her from angry Occupy Bug Street and Hillary Clinton protesters . The IRS begins an investigation of Ant initiated by the Obama Administration of how she became so wealthy and self-sufficient without the government’s knowledge.

Democrats demand to know if Ant feels guilty for living in luxury as a Grasshopper lies homeless and starving in the streets. They believe she should be ashamed of her prosperity and abundance. That she must apologize to the American people for her accumulated wealth on the backs of those less fortunate.

President Obama calls Grasshopper from the Golf Course and prepares a sermon blaming the insects unfortunate circumstances on Rich Ants, Republicans, George Bush, and ‘the poverty of ambition’. He tells Ant she did not build that home or collect that food, that some other insect made that happen and she should pay her fair share. It wasn’t hard work, but LUCK and a biased God that bestowed his prejudicial blessings unfairly.

Moveon.org, Media Matters, Think Progress, and The Huffington Post are outraged that in a nation so prosperous, a grasshopper should go hungry while an Ant enjoys her rewards. Democrat’s fumble and bicker behind closed doors on how the Ant became so well off without them knowing about it.

Time Magazine devotes the front page to Grasshopper’s unwarranted misfortune at the hands of the selfish and evil Ant.  President Obama gives a lengthy oration on how all Insects must remain selfless; continue to sacrifice for the good of the Collective, hitch their wagons to something bigger than themselves during a $500,000 plate dinner. He scolds everyone and tells them they should never question government. God, yes! Themselves, yes! Government – NEVER! 

After the lecture, Americans feel guilty and ashamed for ever being born at all which allows Democrats to pass a Massive Pic-Nic Tax on all hard working Ants.

The Ant’s hold rallies to protest the tax and are called racists by Progressive Democrats and the NAACP. The IRS is called in to target other hard working Ants. Groups like WIS, Wealthy Insects Suck and the ETfAIEHWAM, Equal Treatment for All Insects Except Hard Working Ants Movement, and Grasshopper Lives Matter march in the streets to protest.

The SEIU and George Soros buses Grasshoppers in from Mexico to participate in the rally which gets out of hand. Several riots break out between the Cricks and the Bugs, causing millions of dollars in damage to local small businesses. Loretta Lynch files a lawsuit against law enforcement officers for attempting to protect the innocent from criminals … er I mean Justice-Involved Individuals.

Michael Moore makes a movie titled, Grasshopper Has No Home, about how Ants are to blame for all the poor and hungry in world.  Sean Penn plans a fundraiser for the Grasshopper and invites many of his mentally unstable .. er I mean Progressive friends to donate to the fund Grasshopper Fund.

President Obama is welcomed to the event. He apologizes on behalf of the American people for their audacity to have aspired to such selfish instincts as wanting individualism and wanting personal prosperity and freedom.

Planned Anthood moves in and sets up unregulated abortion clinics funded by Middle Class taxpayers through Progressive regulations to help with the ant population after the EPA concludes Ants cause Global Cooling Warming Climate Change Disruption.

Conservatives come to the defense of the Ant. They try to educate the Grasshopper on self-reliance, accountability and weather patterns. Ant and Republicans are shouted down by the Left as being racist , Uncle Toms, terrorists, and wanting Grasshoppers to STARVE.

Poor Ant cannot afford to pay the higher taxes or the law suit brought against her by the IRS and the house is repossessed. The Department of Justice seizes the opportunity and moves the Grasshopper into Ant‘s home.

Later, CNN does a follow-up story of Grasshopper. He is fat, ungrateful and complaining the roof leaks. The once carefully attended and loved home rots from neglect when Society moves on to something else.

Grasshopper fails at providing for himself after the Ant’s food runs out and dies of starvation. Left abandoned, the house becomes a haven for criminals … Justice-Involved Individuals. Those breaking American laws terrorize the neighborhood. Crime escalates with kidnappings, vandalism and murders. In a last ditch effort to protect the Non-Justice-Involved citizens of Detroit, the State passes a law to remove those breaking American laws.

The Obama Administration files a lawsuit against the State and it’s lawful citizens and tax payers for culturally profiling criminals … Justice-Involved Individuals. 

The community falls into complete ruin and becomes a virtual wasteland void of the law that inspires the dynamic energy required in sustaining humanities civilized evolution. Social Justice becomes the law of the land, taking from one that did build that to give to another that didn’t in the name of fairness and justice. Irony, right? 

Ant moves to Costa Rica, writes a book entitled “How The West Was Lost” where it becomes a New York Times Best Seller. 

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