Why Obamaism is bad for Civilization

Of late, there is nothing that has convinced me President Obama is working for the good of Civilization or even the Common Good. His latest move to gut Welfare Reform .. http://blog.heritage.org/2012/07/13/morning-bell-obamas-imperial-presidency-guts-welfare-reform/ .. is just another way of saying ‘uselessness may the beginning of the end of human existence, but it will earn me a few votes.’ Such selfishness only leads to catastrophic demise which I hope will be redirected toward his own party political party not that of the American people.

James Allen wrote on Uselfullness and Influence,

“Thoughtlessness, carelessness, and laziness are such common vices that it should cease to appear strange that, in spite of “social reform”, the ranks of the unemployed should continue to swell, for those who shirk their work today will, another day, in the hour of deep necessity, look and ask for work in vain. The thoughtless and lazy cannot take precedence of, or stand equally with, the thoughtful and industrious.”

There are still those independent souls and free thinkers who understand and recognize what uselessness looks like in the nature of things. Bring up an image of a firebombed forest and this should be your posterchild of what Obamaism looks like. Mother Nature is not cruel – she is Just. Obamaism is not Just, it is cruel. If Nature where to follow Obama and his ideals of wealth redistribution, absolutely nothing would or could survive. Thank God Nature is not a Democrat. Actually, I am convinced she is a Libertarian.

But, I digress.

Obamaism is so flawed and unsustainable it is to be ridiculed. A citizenry based on useless and ineffective peasants may earn a few votes and win one a 2nd term in office for President of the United States buut, it in no way advances the civilization of mankind.

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