President Obama Panders to Millenials

The Political Party of selflessness and sacrifice depends on the selfishness of their voters. I am actually pretty hopeful that this generation will finally become awakened to what the Liberal/Progressive/Democrats have done to them – have done to every category they set to make dependent on them. The very reason America is in the mess we are in is because of Selfishness and the Democrats having taken more advantage of that than the Conservatives. James Allen writes in Entering the Kingdom,

“Having found that selfishness is the root cause of all competition and strife, the question naturally arises as to how this cause shall be dealt with… The first impulse is to endeavor to frame some outward law, or introduce some new social arrangements or regulations, which shall put a check on the selfishness of others. Each individual suffers by virtue of his own selfishness”.

Millenials are still trying to comprehend themselves with the added burden of having parents, teachers, the media, entertainment, and politicians telling them that they are who they are and where they are because someone else put them there. Yes, Society created you, is responsible for you, and determines your destiny.

But, REAL hope and change does not come from Society. The one promising thing about the millennial generation is that more and more are starting to reject the  “society creates the individual” mantra. It might sound more familiar to you because it is the Mantra President Obama has been repeating since he rose to the ranks of Messiah. “Share the Wealth – Hitch Your Wagons – You Didn’t Get Their On You Own.” As the pendulum of thought swings away from a chained and restricted mindset, let us rejoice in our young people that they may be able to wrap their intelligent and authentic minds around something more substantial and empowering.

Buddha said, kind of, “Watch your thoughts, it becomes your destiny.” How empowering is that? Meaning you are the creator of your life circumstances, your destiny – Not Society. “What you are the world is” ~Krishnamurti.

“Do you wish for kindness? Be kind.  Do you ask for truth? Be true. What you give of yourself you find; your world is a reflex of you.” ~James Allen. They have grown up watching young men take out their hatred, pain, and injury on society around them, believing society is the reason for how they feel, the repetitive theme of “you didn’t get their on your own, someone else made that happne’ echoing in their heads. Embracing the idea that individuals are the master of their own destiny is not a new concept, actually it is pretty old, but it is making a comeback.

More and more young people are figuring out that they have been lied to in order to gain their dependence on outside influences.  Domestic Abusers do that to their victims, too. Being master of your own destiny may feel a little awkward and scary at first, especially if you have been told that government is the master and you the puppet that shows up to vote in November, but it will become more natural the more you practice self-awareness, self-governance, and self-accountability. The Democrats may promise to take care of you, but at what price or you willing to be their whore?



The Politics of Injustice: Chains of Compassion

I once blamed my lot in life on circumstances outside myself and why not? I was too lazy, indolent, and thoughtless to want to improve my circumstances by improving myself. Not when I could vote for politicians who told me to blame my life choices on others and vote for them because they would right the INJUSTICE of it all. Oh, the unfairness and inhumanity.

The vicious cycle of victimhood pursued me as I pursued it until one day I read this passage from James Allen in The Path to Prosperity and realized with great difficulty, pain, resistance, and embarrassment that I was who I was and where I was because I put myself there and if I put myself there, I can put myself somewhere else – I would just need to be a little more productive, thoughtful, and hard-working.

“Perhaps the chains of poverty hang heavily upon you, and you are friendless and alone, and you long with an intense longing that your load maybe lightened; but the load continues and you seem to be enveloped in an ever-increasing darkness. Perhaps you complain, you bewail your lot; you blame your birth, your parents, you employer, or the Unjust Powers who have bestowed upon you so undeservedly poverty and hardship, upon another affluence and ease.

“Cease your complaining and fretting; none of these things which you blame are the cause of your poverty; the cause is within yourself, and where the cause is, there is the remedy. The very fact that you are a complainer shows that you deserve your lot, shows that you lack faith which is the ground of all effort and progress. There is no room for a complainer in a universe of law, and worry is soul suicide. By your very ATTITUDE of mind you are strengthening the chains which bind you, and are drawing about you the darkness by which you are enveloped.”

I am a more prosperous, joyful, peaceful, and loving individual today by taking responsibility for myself and becoming more thoughtful with my habits, deeds, and character than when I blamed my life circumstances on forces outside myself. And, then I turned my back on Liberalism, the Democrats and Progressives because their lies kept me in chains on purpose.

My twin still calls me a liberal – but labels are so limiting – just ask an Existentialist. I liberated myself form their plantation of bitterness, intolerance, and hate and I am a better person for it. Not a saint – God help me. But, a better person.

Better than what you might ask? Better than being unhappy and wanting everyone else around me to be as miserable as I was. Better than being envious and wanting what other people had and not appreciating the things around me. Better than expecting other people to rescue me. Better than being enslaved in the idea that society was to blame for my pit of poverty and ignorance, so society was responsible for lifting me out of it. As I Waited, and Waited, and Waited. Better than being alone, poor, miserable, bitter, angry, resentful, powerless, and a slave to circumstances.

When a person is feeling those things, they are not feeling abundant, joy, thoughtful, gracious, empowered, charitable, and the creator and master of their own destiny. Which of the two feelings do you think the world benefits from the most? When your soul can fly away from its tormentors whose lies and manipulation is disguised as Compassion and Justice – then you are on your way to being a better person – for yourself and the world.

Krishnamurti once wrote, “What you are the world is and without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world”. If you want world peace, be peaceful. Kindness? Be kind. Charity? Be charitable. Joy? Be joyful. Justice? Be just. Fairness? Be fair. What you reap, you will sow. Your circumstances are a mirror of YOU. Not your society.

 Your circumstances are a mirror to you – to your thoughts, habits, and deeds. You created that. You are the master of your destiny. If you have been convinced otherwise, kick your domestic abuser to the side and liberate yourself from the lies – that society is the cause of your misery and society is responsible for rescuing you from your self-created purgatory.

If you want to change your circumstances, change yourself. If you want to improve your life, improve yourself. Hope and Change does not come from your President, your government, community organizers, city planners – It comes from YOU. Belief and faith is the foundation of all strength and development, it lies at the core of your being. Calmness and peace is our natural state of being. Be it. ‘What you are the world is.’

Break the chains and the lies that the party of Compassion and Justice have been feeding you. Isn’t having joy, purpose, and appreciation much better motivators in improving your life than hate, disbelief, and resentment? Nobody going to change your circumstances but you and if you keep waiting for society to right the wrong and save you from yourself, you will be waiting in vain forever for your salvation and Justice.

You want peace? Forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness means you are able to let go of the pain, injury, resentment, and ego. Most people are more comfortable with the pain than they are learning to forgive and change their way of thinking. Holding on to hate, anger, bitterness, and revenge is nothing but diseases upon the mind, body, and the spirit. It causes cancer, heart disease, depression, and death.

Try a little meditation. My favorite meditation practice so far has been walking meditation and I have included a link:

May peace and comfort come to you during your time of transformation? Rise like the Phoenix and burn off the chains that bind you to the belief that you are the victim of your circumstances and that the way to become empowered is to empower Politian’s, political pundits, political activists, and the media.

You are the cause and the solution. You are the poison and the antidote. You yourself are heaven and you are hell. It is your choice. Free will. Free to choose. Free to be the creator and master of your destiny. What do you want to be today?

How hard are you willing to work to improve your circumstances by improving yourself? Life responds to you, it reveals to you the result of your thoughts and actions – that is Perfect Justice. Compassion comes from forgiving your mistakes and thoughtlessness while forgiving others their selfishness and neglect. Compassion comes when you release anger, resentment, and injury from those who have caused you pain. Move forward in love and compassion so that you will know peace, love, joy, and graciousness.


Climate Change: The Politics of Accountability

The Progressives new Mantra – Outraged by everything. Ashamed of nothing. The Politics of Accountability gives us a political party that relies on the thoughtless, indolent, and unaccountable for their vote and power. “Are you poor? Well, you didn’t get their own your own, someone else made that happen. Society is to blame for your poverty and ignorance and society is responsible for lifting you out of it by paying you $15.00 an hour flipping burgers. What? You want to improve your circumstances by improving yourself? No need. Just blame your poverty and ignorance on the rich, successful, Republicans, Conservative, and vote for a politician who will will take from the Society that caused your unfortunate circumstances. All you have to do is feel bitter, angry, resentful, unhappy, and ungrateful and we will take care of the rest.”

We have been convinced our circumstances – our life choices are not our fault. Political leaders keep telling us collectivism, social justice, wealth redistribution is the way to go. Marxism will not prevent severe weather. It will not reduce the amount of carbon in the air. Actually, it exacerbates the problem because it convinces people that their life is someone else’s responsibility, just like the care of the Earth – Someone else’s responsibility.

Edward O. Wilson studied Collective Insects. He observed their behavior and concluded – “Marx was right, Socialism works. He just had the wrong species.” The collective insect is used by society. They have no say in their experience of life – ONLY to the society they serve. You can say they are a SLAVE to the collective. Human beings on the other hand USE society. Their attention is on themselves and how best they can use other humans to their advantage. Human Nature. We are the creators of our life circumstances, the master of our destiny. So, the question is – Do you want to live as an insect in a collective society – banal, unauthentic, unoriginal, and unexceptional and a slave to humanity? Or do you want to be responsible for how you feel because how you feel is the result of what you are thinking – and what you are thinking creates your destiny?

We are not the result of our society. Society is the result of us. Krishnamurti wrote, “What you are the world is, and without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.” If you want peace – be peaceful. If you want kindness – be kind. If you want accountability – be accountable. If you want people to honor and respect the earth – you as an individual – the tranformer of the world, must hold yourself accountable. Ask yourself, “Who put me here at this exact moment?”, and if you listen attentively, your sub-concious will say – YOU DID.

We are not empowering women by celebrating abortions. Abortions are a result of being thoughtless, selfish, unaccountable, disrespectful, and disempowered. We are not honoring Earth by it either. Unaccountability. Thoughtlessness. Indolence. Selfishness. These are the four things that are destroying women. These are the four things also destroying are precious planet. The two are connected. Accountability is not subjective.

We have to love the tiny seeds growing in the womb of Earth in the spring to give us nourishment throughout the rest of the year. We have to prepare the soil, fertilize it, attend and water it, make sure it will survive to full potential. We have to take responsibility for that. Human unborn babies deserve the same respect, care, and love.

There is a wonderful book every young lady should be reading. Actually, there should be classes for young women based off of this book. Not only will it help you get pregnant (my sister had 2 sons using this method), it will help you NOT get pregnant. Knowledge is power ladies, empowering politicians is not.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler. Here is the link to

But, I digress.

The same political party counting on this populist idea (Social Justice, Wealth Redistribution) that only require you of blame others for your circumstances also want you to know that the hurricane forming off the coast of Africa is YOUR FAULT. You made that happen. It didn’t create itself on its own. With your SUV’s, plastic bags, selfishness and breathing – YOU have caused the earth to warm and the climate to change from tranquility to severity in a matter of a few centuries. Before the Industrial Revolution, there was not one drought, flood, hurricane, heat wave or blizzard. Well, it was, but it was less severe. Well, that isn’t true either. But, human beings are NOT responsible for their life choices, but ARE to blame for natural occuring weather patterns.

Look at the poorest areas of Detroit and tell me these individuals care about themselves, their environment, their community, their country, and this planet? When the same political party starts talking self-accountability, self-reliance, self-awareness, and self-sufficiency, self-respect, self-esteem – then I might believe them when they say they care about the health of the planet? Until then, it is just a means to an end to control people, make them bitter, angry, and ungrateful, fearful, anxious, disrespectful to themselves, others, and this planet in order to empower themselves. That is a shameful.

Michael Sam: The Power of Loving Kindness

We can get one of two people with the release of defensive end Michael Sam from the St. Louis Rams. Michael Sam can look at this release as a show of fairness that his skills were not good enough for the NFL and try harder while he is still young to be a better defensive player. Machael Sam can just as easily blame the release on discrimination. Which ever shows up the next couple days will be interesting to see. What character will triumph. Accepting or Deniel.  Everyone will have an opinion on the matter tossing their angry and venemous words at one another like a money with his poop in a display of banishing egos.

Please allow us to practice alternatives to shouting matches and blinding intolerance to be entertained by both sides.

The Gift of angry and hateful words does more harm to ourselves than it does to others. From “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Bhante Gunaratana – The Power of Loving Friendliness.

“When someone tries to make you angry or does something to hurt you, stay with your thoughts of loving friendliness toward that person. A person filled with thoughts of loving friendliness, the Buddha said is like the earth. Someone may try to make the earth disappear by digging at it with a hoe or an ax, but that is a futile act. No amount of digging – not in one life time or many life times – makes the earth vanish. The earth remains, unaffected, undiminished. Like the earth, a person full of loving friendliness is untouched by anger.”

Intolerance is never appeased by more intolerance. The Gay community trying to force others to accept their choices, but unwilling to accept other theirs choices is an example of intolerance appeased by more intolerance. Intolerance is a two way street. Christians and the Gay community pass one another all the time. They have harsh, hateful, and unkind words for one another. “By love alone is anger appeased.” ~ The Dhammapada

We are what the world is. If we want peace, love and acceptance – we must BE peace, love and acceptance. This message is for both sides of the debate.

Again, Bhante Gunaratana writes, “In another story from the Buddha’s life, there was a man named Akkosina, whose name means, “not getting angry.” But in fact, this man was exactly the opposite: he was always getting angry. When he heard the Buddha never got angry with anyone (even those who treated him horribly) he decided to visit him. He went up to Buddha and scolded him for all sorts of things, insulting him and calling him awful names. At the end of his tirade, Buddha asked this man if he had and friends and relatives. “Yes,” he replied. “When you visit them, do you take them gifts?” “Of course,” said the man. “I always bring them gifts.” “What happens if they don’t accept you gifts,” the Buddha asked. “Well, I just take them home and enjoy them with my own family.” “And likewise,” said the Buddha, “You have brought me a gift today that I don’t accept. You may take that gift home to your family.” With patience, wit, and loving friendliness, the Buddha invites us to change how we think about the gift of angry words.”

What about the gift of gentle kindness and understanding coming from both sides. Anger and resentment is the gift we carry within ourselves. Why are we so quick to give this funky gift to others when we can very easily give the gift of friendliness and understanding? Finally, Bhante Gunaratana, “We must let the power of loving friendliness shine through every encounter with others.”

Mindfulness Meditation means being in the present moment. To be fully aware of your situation and emotions. To observe them and not become attached to the ego that is attached to your opinion of SELF. Observe the breath. The breath is universal. It makes us one. We have very different beliefs, but we breath the same. Take a deep cleansing breath before allowing your ego to react. Give thanks to the breath. Send loving kindness towards those who bring the gift of hatred and anger with them, but do not accept the gift of intolerance. That is theirs to bear alone.


The Problem with the Democrat Philosophy

The problem with Democrats and their philsophy – well one of many – is they don’t think people can do anthing without their help. Abusers to the same thing to their victims. They have no faith or confidence in the individual. Progressives especially think low income people lack the imagination and drive to achieve anything and that is why they coddle them and keep them poor and stupid.

The politics of happiness never made anyone very happy. It helps having a scapegoat to blame everything on. Conservatives, Rich People, Koch Brothers – whatever. As long as you can point the finger at someone, nothing will ever improve. Try that in your own life. Keep repeating the same mistakes and blaming it on your parents, your spouse, your lover, your boss, and see how your life improves. Abusers do that to their victims.

When you convince people they are the victim of their circumstances and tell them their poverty is someone else’s fault, they will always be looking for someone or something else to lift them out of poverty and ignorance. That is where the Democrats come in saying, “I will save you.” They also say, “The Republicans don’t care about you.” Abusers say the same thing to their victims.

This philosophy of ‘mistakes were made, but not by me’ does not lift anyone out of poverty. tt never has. Basing votes on the color of a persons skin, their sexual parts, and their sexual orintation is rather shallow and limiting. Wringing concessions out of the American people while convincing the poor they are where they are and who they are because someone else put them there does not solve the problem. It empowers government and poltiicans which it is designed to do. It does not empower the Individual. It devalues them – on purpose.

But, if people are convinced they are the creators of their circumstances, the builder, maker, and shaper of their own destiny, the creator of their own life choices, there is nothing that a strong faith and will cannot accomplish – within reason of course. If you can dream it, you can be it. That is when the people begin to say, “No thanks Democrats, I can save myself”.

Obama tells GOP In An Act of Bad Faith: ‘Stop just hating all the time’

In a recent speech in Kansas City, President Obama addressed the crowd regarding Republicans saying, “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time. Come on..”

“The suspicious believe everybody to be suspicious; liars feels secure in the thought that he is not so foolish to believe that there is such a phenomenon as a strictly truthful person ..”~ James Allen – The racist will believe everyone to be racists, the intolerant – intolerant. The hater will accuse others of being hateful. “Do you wish for kindness? Be kind. Do you ask for truth? Be true. What you give of yourself you find; Your World Is A Reflex Of YOU!” ~J. Allen

President Obama acts in bad faith. He thinks he can wish to be kind and act differently – and people will see that what he wishes to be – or what he expects others to be, and not what he actually is. If President Obama had shown an ounce of kindness towards the Republicans, Conservatives, or any other group that disagrees with his philosophy, his complaint maybe be justified. But, he hasn’t.

“When it is said that man defines himself, it is often perceived as stating that man can “wish” to be something – anything, a bird, for instance – and then be it. According to Sartre’s account, however, this would be a kind of bad faith. What is meant by the statement is that man is (1) defined only insofar as he acts and (2) that he is responsible for his actions.” ~Joseph Catalano

It can be said, for example, if a man acts with hatred towards other people (individuals who disagree with him) is, by that act, defined as a hateful person.

Sarte’s Existentialism is a Humanism: “man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards.”

Obama has it backwards. He thinks he can talk about being a kind person and then become one. Obama is still trying to comprehend himself and America is paying for it. Asking people to be kind when you do not practice it yourself is not only acting in bad faith, you are acting like a fraud of the first order.

It was an official IRS agent that called the Conservatives ‘assholes’ and went after a wing of the Republican party, Mr. President. Hate is a two way street and unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans are passing one another all the time. If you would have addressed both parties for their annimosity toward one another you may have seemed more Presidential. But, instead you chose to be partisan and an example of what is so wrong with our Government today.


Mothers Having Abortions

Have your abortions. Have as many as you want. Defend the Mothers who carry it out. Whatever. Just stop complaining about how Selfish, Unkind, and Prejudice the World is. Be consistent. When you defend Self-centeredness and Prejudice acts, defend it for all people, not just Mothers.

If you defend a woman who plans a pregnancy and decides it is too flawed, ugly, and ignorant to see him/her/all take their first breath, defend their right to believe certain people are flawed, ugly, and ignorant and have no ounce of kindness to keep such thoughts to themselves. Defend that Bully.

If you defend the selfish act of not wanting to be responsible for another human being because they would be too burdensome, defend the right of all people who make a lot of money and decide that taking care of other people with the money they made would be too burdensome. Defend that Capitalist.

If you defend individuals who had an abortion because they are scornful
of beings with Down-Syndrome, defend the individuals who are scornful of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, and Asians. There is no difference. Defend other people’s right to hate those who cannot change their physical or biological natures. Defend that Racist and Homophobe.

To sum up. Defend, Selfishness, Prejudice, and Unkindness for all people. Be consistant in your philosophy and beliefs. Defend the Bully, the Capitalist, the Racist and the Homophobe and NOT JUST MOTHERS HAVING ABORTIONS.

Defending Abortions

Have your abortions. Have as many as you want. Defend the Mothers who carry it out. Whatever. Just stop complaining about how Selfish, Unkind, and Prejudice the World is. Be consistent. When you defend Self-centeredness and Prejudice acts, defend it for all people, not just Mothers.

If you defend a woman who plans a pregnancy and decides it is too flawed, ugly, and ignorant to see him/her/all take their first breath, defend their right to believe certain people are flawed, ugly, and ignorant and have no ounce of kindness to keep such thoughts to themselves. Defend that Bully.

If you defend the selfish act of not wanting to be responsible for another human being because they would be too burdensome, defend the right of all people who make a lot of money and decide that taking care of other people with the money they made would be too burdensome. Defend the Capitalist.

If you defend individuals who had an abortion because they are scornful of beings with Down-Syndrome, defend the individuals who are scornful of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, and Asians. There is no difference. Defend other people’s right to hate them for being something they cannot help. Seems Just. Defend that Racist and Homophobe.

To sum up. Defend, Selfishness, Prejudice, and Unkindness for all people. Be consistant in your philosophy and beliefs. Defend the Bully, the CEO,  the Racist, the Homophobe, and MOTHERS HAVING ABORTIONS. It is only fair.

Socialism Works!

Socialism works, just with a different species. Ants and all collective insects are great socialists. Why? They have no reproductive freedom. Now, the goal of the Obama Administration, Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives is to make everyone an Ant through the horror called Obamacare.

Becoming collective is not in our nature so it must be forced upon us through lies, and distortion. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for an Ants Life – your wagons hitched to everyone else with no reproductive freedom and a Queen Bee that golfs all the time, goes on comedy shows to promote a hideous program, while the American people suffer.

Good going Liberals and Democrats. You have managed to turn America into an Ant Hill with no individuality, authenticity, or originality all in the name of an ideology that takes away reproductive freedom and turns humans into Humants.

Collective Marxist Socialism works for those who have no desire for self-exploration, self-awareness, or self-sufficiency. Does this mean the philosophy that worships an ants life should be forced upon us all. There are still people in America with the courage and desire to explore life on purpose. They do not seek an Ants experience. They seek a human experience.

Socialism works for ants, but does this mean we humans must become ants to make socialism work for us? Must we change our nature, our biological make-up to fit into a Collectivist colony? Must we continue to vote for Progressive Liberal Democrats who desire the human being give up individualism and reproductive freedom in order to explore the life of unoriginal banality?

So if an ants life is what you desire, keep voting for the Democrats. If not and you want to explore a life lived deliberately – I suggest perhaps a vote for an individual who believes in Individual Sovereignty and Reproductive Freedom.  

And, before you go thinking abortion is an example of reproductive freedom it is not. It is an atrocity. An act created by the human mind in order to live without self-awareness, self-accountability, self-respect, and self-belief.

Reproductive freedom means we have the choice of creating individual beings – not abolishing life or ripping it to shreds. Destroying life is called murder. So you see, the Democrats have taken the one thing that separates human beings from collective insects and distorted it in order to turn human beings into ants. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for inauthenticity. Welcome to your ant hill.