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Socialism works, just with a different species. Ants and all collective insects are great socialists. Why? They have no reproductive freedom. Now, the goal of the Obama Administration, Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives is to make everyone an Ant through the horror called Obamacare.

Becoming collective is not in our nature so it must be forced upon us through lies, and distortion. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for an Ants Life – your wagons hitched to everyone else with no reproductive freedom and a Queen Bee that golfs all the time, goes on comedy shows to promote a hideous program, while the American people suffer.

Good going Liberals and Democrats. You have managed to turn America into an Ant Hill with no individuality, authenticity, or originality all in the name of an ideology that takes away reproductive freedom and turns humans into Humants.

Collective Marxist Socialism works for those who have no desire for self-exploration, self-awareness, or self-sufficiency. Does this mean the philosophy that worships an ants life should be forced upon us all. There are still people in America with the courage and desire to explore life on purpose. They do not seek an Ants experience. They seek a human experience.

Socialism works for ants, but does this mean we humans must become ants to make socialism work for us? Must we change our nature, our biological make-up to fit into a Collectivist colony? Must we continue to vote for Progressive Liberal Democrats who desire the human being give up individualism and reproductive freedom in order to explore the life of unoriginal banality?

So if an ants life is what you desire, keep voting for the Democrats. If not and you want to explore a life lived deliberately – I suggest perhaps a vote for an individual who believes in Individual Sovereignty and Reproductive Freedom.  

And, before you go thinking abortion is an example of reproductive freedom it is not. It is an atrocity. An act created by the human mind in order to live without self-awareness, self-accountability, self-respect, and self-belief.

Reproductive freedom means we have the choice of creating individual beings - not abolishing life or ripping it to shreds. Destroying life is called murder. So you see, the Democrats have taken the one thing that separates human beings from collective insects and distorted it in order to turn human beings into ants. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for inauthenticity. Welcome to your ant hill.

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Liberal Progressivism can be defined as a political ideology that unites the left-leaning concept of government intervention with individual liberty. If that sounds ironic, it is. In other words, People are free to do what they want as long as their government can control their behavior and manage their life according to Liberal Progressive ideaology.

Phychic Fair

Having a private conversation? Big Government knows. It should be well accepted by now that politicians know how to live your life better than you. Individuals are incompetent fools with no sense of self-comprehension and that is why government officials should be in charge of people’s personal experiences, medical care, self-esteem, and finances. 

We cannot have people spending their own hard earned money on personal things that might make them individually happy. Selfishness does not belong in a Liberal Progressive run society unless you are a Politician, Government official or Entertainer then it is do as I say, not…

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Based on the Merriam Dictionary, hate is defined as an intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury. So, where does it come from and who is ultimately responsible when such concentrated aggression leads to injury, violence and suppressed anger against ourselves and towards one another?

During my research, the first article I came across asking ‘Where does hate come from’ blamed their own hostility on the Libertarian/Conservative Tea Party movement that has recently swept American debate and politics. That was not helpful at all since I was looking for a few sources that would explore the origin of human hate, not be an example of it.

When you ask ‘where does hate come from’ and proceed to write a piece blaming it on a group of people who disagree with your personal opinions, politics, and philosophy it confirms a singular activity of thought that looks only at the effects…

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I am a tree hugger, and I love Mother Earth, but I am also a realist. Raised in a Baptist home, I  also love God & Jesus.  I like Buddha, too. I also like the Tao, Yoga, meditation, Ambient music, the smell of patchouli, and hummus on a gluten-free organic multi-grain cracker.

I do not always agree with political pundits on both ends of the dogmatic spectrum and find them cringe worthy at times, but who, with an opinion, isn’t cringe worthy?

This idea that people are NOT accountable for their life choices or circumstances is the cruelest and most unjust belief ever perpetrated by the human mind and Mother Earth. Politicians may find it personally and financially beneficial to convince people their current situation is the result of other people’s selfishness and neglect, but it is pure evilness and will destroy this Earth faster than will a billion taco farts released simultaneously into the atmosphere.

Politicians will tell you your life circumstances are someone else’s fault. Mother Nature will tell you be accountable and recycle your self-created garbage. She is not cruel, she is Just and she is Truth. Politicans wouldn’t know the truth is if it slapped them in the face, delivered several body blows, a few jabs and then layed them out with a left hook.

Politicians need people to feel bitter, resentful, poor, ungrateful, blameless.  Americans are not dumb. It is all about beating the system. Cheat. Lie. Steal. As a result of such lawlessness, Mother Nature sees This!

Detroit - Nature of Man

Isn’t Social Justice beautiful?

Mother Nature needs people to feel Self-Empowered, Self-Sufficient, Self-Accountable, Grateful. As a result, Politicians see This!

Montana Medicine Lake, Montana National Park

Which begs the question – Is Mother Nature a Libertarian? Is she, God forbid, a Conservative? I am not sure how politicians have gotten away for so long with promoting bitterness over gratitude, blame over accountability, co-dependence over self-sufficiency, but they have and it is time for this petulance on Mother Earth to stop. Social Justice may sound great in text, but it in no way convinces people to hold themselves accountable and recycle their garbage.

If people feel they are not accountable for their life choices and current circumstances, how have they been convinced they are to blame for Global Warming Climate Change Disruption? Are you really going to recycle and respect the Earth when you feel it is someone else’s responsibility to take care of your garbage? Screw Great Mother, where’s my free cell phone?

Why do I not hear more Tree Huggers, Environmentalists praising Conservative and Libertarian values & their character traits? Is their hate so deep they cannot see the value in self-sufficiency, independence, accountability, self-reliance, and very little debt?

If you are self-accountable for your life, would you not feel the same for your self-created garbage? Boggles the mind how backward our political beliefs can compromise the Health of our Earth. How have we convinced people they are not responsible for their life decisions but are the cause of hurricanes, floods, a polar vortex, and heat waves?

If man is man – woman is woman & masters of their own fate – should they not also be masters of their garbage. To claim responsibility of one’s life is to also claim responsibility for all things created – both within our own bodies and without. Should we not become aware of how our choices impact our destiny and the destiny of Earth – the destiny of others?

If Mother Nature went toe to toe with a Politician today, would she be shouted down by political activists for being uncaring and wanting animals to starve and freeze to death? Would they slander Mother Nature for refusing to take from one animal what belonged to them and giving to another for which it did not belong? Does Mother Nature do things that way? No. But, politicians do.

Politicians do.

Only a politician can loot with superiority and call it Justice – Social Justice that is. Mother Nature is not Cruel – she is Just. She is Truth. She cares nothing for your opinion or mine and does what is fair to all her creatures.

She does not convince the snake he is insignificant. She does not say, “Snake - you have no legs and you will never be able to fly, but the eagle has legs and wings and you should hate him for it. Would you like me to take the wings from the eagle to give to you since it is not fair for one animal to have wings and another to have none? People love eagles, they hate snakes – you are the cause of sin and humanities downfall. I will take from the eagle so you won’t have low self-esteem.”

She does not tell the Crow, “Your feathers are of only one shade and most people fear your presence – your represent death – but Peacock over there is vibrant and beautiful and loved by many. You should feel bitter and envious of such adoration. I will take the peacocks feathers and give them to you so you can feel beautiful and adored.”

She does not tell the mother Dolphin swollen with child, “You should not be punished with a baby, why don’t you abort your baby dolphin so you can be free to fuck other dolphins without consequence. It’s a throw-away ocean society polluted by other throw-away societies, and who wants to raise a dolphin surrounded by other people’s garbage?” 

Baby Dolphin

And, until all Life is sacred – No Life is sacred. Just Say’in.

What would happen to Earth if Mother Nature became a bleeding heart Liberal? The same when politicians convinced of their own self-importance infests tiny minds with their rheteric and lies. This!

Mother Nature embraces Socialism

To be convinced to hate yourself for what you lack and what others have is bad enough, but to vote for the same people that keep you in this state of mind is inexcusable. The wonderful thing about a human being is we can change our circumstances simply by changing our minds. And, we can change our minds simply by shutting out the dialogue that keeps us chained to the idea we are who we  are and what we are because of others people selfishness, prejudice, and negligence.

If you’ve been convinced your hatred, poverty, life circumstances are the result of other people’s greed – you will wait in vain for your prosperity and abundance. Mother Nature never takes from one creature what belongs to them and gives to another in order to impose Social Justice and fairness.

We are who we are and what we are because of our own choices. We put ourselves here. That is a fact and sometimes a cruel reality for those who’ve been convinced by politicians to believe in a society that will save them from themselves. Destiny is the accumulation of your deeds, your life choices, your personal decisions. Destiny is perfect Justice.

We cannot love the Earth and preach Social Justice and expect a Just outcome. We cannot preach bitterness, envy, blame and expect the congregation to recycle their garbage. Either you love the Earth and you believe in Self-sufficiency or you hate the Earth and keep preaching co-dependency. Politicians can’t have it both ways, but they try because humans prefer laziness over hard work.

It is time we embrace Self-Accountability as an Environmental approach and not just a Conservative & Libertarian talking point. If you reject the politics of Personal Responsiblity as unfair and cruel because it sounds good to the lazy and indolent – you are what is hurting the Earth today and shame on you for your selfishness. Mother Nature deserves your respect, not your EGO & greed.

Christ declared that he who would be his disciple must “deny himself daily.” And declared, “No man can serve two masters; you cannot serve God and mammon.” God is truth by the way. 

Buddha said, “Truth is, self is not.” 

James Allen wrote, “There is only one quality which preeminently distinguishes the man of Truth from the man of self, and that is humility. Truth, being unchangeable and eternal, is independent of your opinion and of mine.” 

So opinion is not truth and that is all a politician is – a person of ego, opinion, and power. And, some in America want others to be under the thumb of these very people because “this government knows best because it closely aligns with my own beliefs”. 

I am happy a politician received the lie of the year. Maybe individuals will awaken from the illusion that they are all being oppressed and injured by others instigated by politicians – who thrive on wounded bitter hearts – and take up the reins of self-created consciousness – mindfulness – awareness. 

Maybe people in this country and around the world will finally realize we must believe in ourselves, have faith in things that will never pass away (God).

“Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen.” ~Diana Robinson. Go into silence and you will hear God and the angels say, “You are loved, always.”

Whether you believe in Christ, the Eternal Life force, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Energy, Global Warming, Nothingness, Buddha, Gaia, Tao, Chi, Ra, or whatever that makes you vibrate love – follow your heart, express authenticity, but cease your need to feed your ego with only those who agree with you. End your pride and selfishness in thinking everyone is flawed if they do not believe the same things you do.

Be open to all – Be aware of Self – but don’t let it rule your heart and head to the point you want to oppress others and separate them from their own authenticity. Leave them alone. Happiness is not in numbers – it is the devine understanding of Self and the marvelous ability not to serve it. 

However, We Are Not Ants. We are not collective insects to be sacrificed for the good of all. Human nature is not made that way. If Mother Nature wanted Human Ants, she would have made us asexual and unoriginal. For man, no two paths are the same. Of course, that can still be arranged with Obamacare. Say NO to Clockwork Orange, my friends.  

Your beliefs don’t have to be believed in by others. Be alive in your own truths and cease casting them upon your fellow victims. They have their own authentic lives to create. Their path is their own.

Anaïs Nin wrote, “The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.”

How do we live life deliberately when we are led around by egomaniacs with law degrees who believe their own truths must be believed in by others or else you are a racist, homophobe, terrorists, or misogynist who want poor people to starve. The same people who brought you the lie fo the year are also telling you Republicans want people to die.

Truth is not opinionated or bias and can express a love for all things, all people. Truth has no enemy except Self. To me, President Obama’s character is made of selfishness and ego, NOT truth. He serves only one master, himself. But, don’t we all?

There is a saying that the worst part of being lied to is that the person telling the lie does not think you are worth the truth. The American people were not worth the truth because “they do not know what is good for them”. This is a classic characteristic of an Abuser – extinquishing self-reliance and self-confidence.

Do you really enjoy a government that lies to you as a direct result of them not trusting you to do what is best for you? Does that make you feel confident? Does that make you feel good?  “You think you can do these things, but you just can’t, Nemo”

Government is made of men who pass away. God is made of truth who will never pass away. What do you put your faith in? Do you follow Ego – Self – Momentary, or do you follow Truth – God – All Eternal? The beautiful thing about God is, you are given free will to choose. Government – when inflated with it’s own self-importance and ego, will never give you that choice. God gives you everything you need to succeed. Governemnt takes it away so that you become dependent and then tell you to hate others for your self-created purgatory.

A government enslaved by the egos of man believe their own religion, philosophy, and creed to be Truth and all others in error and in need of fixing. Truth is at peace with everything. There is no conflict. Ego is in constant conflict with everything and everyone and especially within the Self.

But, maybe we have become complacent. We are lied to constantly so we tolerate it, and accept it as something we deserve because we are too ignorant to know what is good for us. Abusers love this in their victims.

They are doing you a favor by lying because you can’t handle the truth and the more they lie, the more truth becomes diluted and unrecognizable. And the more stupid and dependent America becomes on her Government, the faster God (truth) fades away to nothingness.

Abusers love to seperate you from the greatest love you will ever know – The Gift Of God’s Love.  Abusers lie to you. They isolate you. They take away your truth so you will follow their truth in order to satisfy their own ego. They have their hooks into you so deep, only God can remove them.

A lie means you were not worth the truth. The TRUTH means you were worth everything. Find it within – Not without.


A new disease is attacking the Washington Redskins and gaining the attention of sports fans everywhere. Called Imoffendeditis  (pronounced - I am Offended ITIS), a human being becomes agitated or filled with offendedness from an imaginary sense of insensitivity on behalf of another who did not even know they should be offended.

Victims of self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic personalities (Bob Costas) develop Imoofendeditis when their irrational sense of injustice involves taking away certain freedoms, rights and personal decisions from individuals because they believe there own offense of people and things is shared by everyone. 

Doctors and Scientists all over the world have increased their study on the disease that leaves people looking selfish, stupid, closed minded and angry. The Owner of the Washington Redskins is donating over 1 million dollars to look into a cure for the degenerative disease. Other franchises are looking into donating to the cause for fear of Imoffendeditis spreading to their franchises.

Is it offensive to use Native American names as mascots? Below are a few rational responses from Students who were asked this same question:

  1.  t’s not an argument about who is offended. We can play that game forever, this topic notwithstanding. It’s about the right to keep a brand name for which millions of dollars have been invested and who gets to decide. The fans have voted for years to keep it. That’s what counts. Not politicians, the oligarchy known as the NFL, not special interest groups. If fans want it changed, let them vote with their pocketbooks. If not, then let’s stop the nonsense.

— Kam

  1. In my opinion, naming mascots and teams after Native Americans can be seen in a respectful light. For major Sports teams who could use any other likely name to represent them and the essence of their teams, but choose to honor and be honored by taking the names of the fearless warriors who were birthed from the very earth of this nation, whats so wrong with that.

— A’leetzia

The Cranberry

In An Unknown Women, author Alice Koller expresses a metaphorical comparison using cranberries. The essence of choice and discernment is sincere. Some people love cranberries, some hate them. But, if one is to believe nature would never prolong a mistake, then one must also agree that the primordial cranberry symbolizes perfection.

And, then one would have to conclude that even when an individual discriminates against a cranberry, it does not make the edible red embellishment any less perfect than if it was adored.

So, discrimination is a personal choice and decision. If judgment originates from a total lack of self-comprehension and self-hatred, then does the cranberry suffer or the one  who is out of balance with themselves and the Universe.

Generally, we should keep our prejudices to ourselves and not feel everyone believes the same so everyone does not suffer other’s biases and ego centered feelings. Just because you hate something or someone, does not mean everyone should suffer or dwell in your aversions or hatreds. 

On the first day of College Math, I walked into the classroom with a bit of unease. I hate the first day of anything. While I breezed past the teacher, she grabbed me and asked me if I had cinnamon. I had just popped a piece of Big Red gum into my mouth to help my nervousness so the answer was yes. What came next almost induced a panic attack. 

Apparently, the woman was allergic to cinnamon which she reminded me was communicated by Itinerary prior to attending. She began foaming at the mouth and screeched, “Get out of my class!” I quickly realized, due to the Indignant’s self-centered aversion to cinnamon, I was the target of own intolerance and negative imbalances.

A few people were looking at me feeling just as awkward and embarrased as I felt. Others were looking at the cinnamon racist with a keen since of resentment.  My personal opinion was she hated the smell of cinnamon, invented the idea of an allergic reaction for attention and made sure everyone within 30 feet of her existence suffered from her self-loathing.

Ah, the benefits of living in a collective society. When one suffers, we all must suffer. When one is offended, we must all be offended. When one is racist, others must be racist. When one is intolerant, others must be intolerant. The most selfish act one can entertain is to impose their beliefs, aversions, hatred, confusion, hopelessnes upon others and then blame them for their own imbalances. 

The Washington franchise has invested a hell of a lot of money on the name and face of the Redskins. Fans have invested their money and time in supporting their team. And, there is nothing like a Redskin Fan. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

When I was twelve, my father left my mother, twin sister, little brother and me. I think we all floated for a while, not sure how to proceed. My mother was a God fearing women and raised us as witnesses to Faith, Hard Work, Courage, and Persistence. My father was a television hoarder and hated football. I love my father, but soon realized there was a positive side to his absence.

One Sunday afternoon it was too cold to hang outside so we all gathered around my mother.

She happened to be watching some sporting event on the television set– a Washington Redskin game to be precise. As we tried to have a conversation with her all at once, she jerked upright and yelled … Go! Go! Go!

Noticing our confused silence, she relaxed back into the thread bare flowered yellow couch and stated, “I’ve always loved the Redskins.”

You know what love is? Love is an emotion based on kindness, affection, and compassion separated from any thoughts of hate, fear, anger and injury. So when my mother exposed her feelings of love for a football team named after Native Americans - a broken family sould soon became whole again.

For the first time in many months, there was a smile on my mother’s face and a spark of life that had been missing. She had been pretty devastated about my father leaving. We all were.

Pretty soon, Sunday Football became a ritual. Football & The Washington Redskins brought us back together as a family without a full time father, husband, and provider. I am firmly confident the Redskins had a hand in healing a few broken hearts, too.

Theismann, Mosley, Riggins, Jacoby, the Hogs, Gibbs, The Fun Bunch including the Redskins’ wide receivers Art Monk, Virgil Seay, Charlie Brown, Gary Clark, and Alvin Garrett, and tight ends Rick Walker, and Don Warren. Super Bowl Champions. Sunday became Church, Chicken, and The Washington Redskins. 

Good times.

I liked the RedSkins, too. Not only because my mother adored them, but because the Redskins reminded me of my great-grandmother who was part Cherokee and my grandfather who firmly believed he was a decedent of Pocahontas.

I could never begin to imagine what my ancestors suffered, but I know they would probably feel a sense of honor representing a sport that makes Legends out of ordinary men, brings people together, puts a fire in the belly and a smile on the face of every Redskin fan that ever was and ever will be.

To remove a name because a small majority of people who suffer from a degenerative disease called Imoffendeditis would be Unfair and Unjust. I have read that there those who are not even able to utter the name. They have gone off the deep end. This is a tragedy since the disease has firmly take over their host turing them into political pundits who are convinced they know better how to live your life than you.

The only known cure for Imoffendeditis at the moment is for the diseased individuals to practice removing their self-centered, self-righteous hooks from Washington Redskin Fans and find a meditation practice that teaches one how to be less self-imposing sanctimonious, elitist asshole.

What if PETA come forward and wanted Chicago to dump the Bears name for a word less offensive to animals. Bears are being exploited for God’s sake! Now, never mind a bear does not know it is a bear. What if, and open you minds real wide here, what if the word ‘Bear’ in bear language meant ‘she who is a bad mother’? Oh, hell no! We can’t have female bears develop low self-esteem.

Chicago – Start Looking For A New Name. I would suggest – The Chicago Carrots. Well, then Vegans might get upset. Vegetables are people, too - you know. The Patriots are offending the Communists in this country and they are probably racist - so Watch Out New England.

In the Meantime …

Hail To The Redskins – Hail Victory!

Hollywood is set to buy fifteen hundred elderly individuals from the U. S. Government to be used in several upcoming ‘realer’ movies due out next winter. Realers are artistic films involving real stunts by real people. These highly dangerous cinematic acts are performed by expendable elderly persons obtained either through voluntary means or government donations.

More often than not, their short performances result in a spectacularly orchestrated death. It is a brilliant way to entertain the masses and kill off the elderly. A percentage of movie earnings will be allocated toward building a gigantic golf course on the newly commissioned USS Obama.

This new cinematic spectacle creates an authentic experience for the audience and helps give the doomed elderly fifteen minutes of fame they may have never had otherwise because, let’s face it, it’s not the fear of the unknown that makes death so poignant, it’s never being known for anything that really sucks.

Rex Chet, celebrity director of Blood Spills on Saturday and Sometimes on Thursday, calls such films reality television on steroids, saying, “Audiences love these types of movies. They combine fantasy with the very organic experience of reality.” Sallie Cavens, a spokesman for the Permanent Obama Administration or POA (po’wah), reveals to us at State News TV one key advantage of the Senior Sell-off.

The modest reduction in the number of Social Security and Medicare recipients will shore up hundreds of millions of dollars annually for future funding on the development of a cyanide-laced, government-controlled, self-destructive dermal microchip to be implanted in the anorexically challenged.”

The chip, monitored by the FDA, is designed to self-destruct when anything resembling transfat enters the body causing the chip to release a special poison resulting in instant death to the individual. Roll-out is scheduled for early November just in time for the Holiday season. So far the chip has shown signs of complete failure causing deaths in those who consumed certain vegetables. However, there are no signs POA will delay the launch.

Called the Cacomorphobia’s Cocktail after Queen Michelle’s negative obsession with fat people, the poisoned chip will be available for mass distribution next fall. This, of course, could not have been possible without the federal government’s takeover of the health-care industry in 2010 and the Republicans’ failure to repeal and replace.

Washington and Hollywood expect to see several minor protests regarding the ‘Ancestor Purchase’; however, DC officials are confident they can silence dissent by accusing the protesters of being racist, right-fringe lunatics with terrorist ties to hostage takers who hate women, the poor, and Big Bird and want Hollywood actors and directors to starve.

Liberals and many Hollywood celebrities have praised the move by POA. Andrew Dern of Global Cooling, Global Warming, Global Climate Disruption, Global Temperature Fluctuations, and Global Weather Pattern Changes International has been busy crunching the numbers behind closed doors and now has scientific proof that old people’s farts contain unacceptable carbon and methane levels and contribute significantly to the planet’s many temperature instabilities.

This replaces the old outdated theory that the Sun, the big, yellow, round bright thing at the center of our solar system, contributed greatly to the various degrees of temperature and climate occurrences since the beginning of Earth some four billion years ago.

New Progressive history reveals Earth experienced her first blizzard, tornado, hurricane, flood, volcanic eruption, tsunami, earthquake, and drought shortly after the American Industrial Revolution.

The highly anticipated action realer, Kill Or Be Killed Twice will be released in both European and American markets due out two weeks before the celebration formerly known as Christmas. The film will be rereleased to Latino audiences and retitled Refried Beans, due out one week later.

The film expects to break prior realer records with the expectancy of more actual deaths than any previously released realer film of its kind. The elderly being considered for sale will be notified by their local Progressive representative.


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